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June 20, 2017

Subaru Launches the “Subaru Forest Project”
for Environmental Conservation in Japan

– Forest conservation work begins at its Bifuka Proving Ground in Hokkaido –
Subaru Corporation revised its environmental policy*1 on April 1, 2017.
As an initiative under the new policy, the Company begins a program of development and conservation of forests, starting with a forest in its Bifuka Proving Ground in Hokkaido.
Subaru aims to expand the program into activities linked with local communities.

Tokyo, June 20, 2017 – Subaru Corporation revised its environmental policy effective April 1, 2017, coinciding with the Company’s name change. As an initiative under the new Subaru Environmental Policies,*1 the Company has decided to launch the “Subaru Forest Project” for environmental conservation in Japan.

The new Subaru Environmental Policies declare, “The earth, the sky and nature are Subaru’s fields of business.” With the automotive and aerospace businesses as the pillars of its operations, Subaru considers that preservation of the ecosystem of our planet―the earth, the sky and nature―is of utmost importance to ensure the future sustainability of both society and the Company.

Under the new Subaru Environmental Policies, the Company will embark on the Subaru Forest Project, initiating concrete measures to achieve its environmental goals.

The Subaru Forest Project is a forest development and conservation project involving the planting of new trees, thinning as appropriate, and environmental conservation activities in forests on Company properties and in surrounding areas. Activities will first focus on a forest of about 100 hectares within the boundaries of the Subaru Bifuka Proving Ground in Bifuka-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido, Japan. The Company plans to expand the project into activities linked with local communities including Bifuka-cho.

Subaru Corporation regards environmental concerns as one of its management issues and is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a view to creating a sustainable society. Based on our management philosophy of aiming to be “a compelling company with a strong market presence,” we will continue to offer the value of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” while helping to improve society and the environment and engaging in CSR activities aimed at creating a sustainable society.

*1. Subaru Environmental Policies:


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