SUBARU Environmental Policies

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“The earth, the sky and nature” are Subaru’s fields of business.

With the automotive and aerospace businesses as the pillars of Subaru’s operations, our fields of business are the earth, the sky and nature.
Preservation of the ecosystem of our planet, the earth, the sky and nature, is of utmost importance to ensure the future sustainability of both society and our organization. We align our business strategy to enhance these global goals in all of our operations.

  1. We develop and deliver products to meet societal needs and contribute to the environment through advanced technologies.
    By striving to create advanced technologies that put the environment and safety first, we will develop and deliver products that can contribute to protecting the earth’s environment.
  2. We focus on efforts aimed at coexistence with nature.
    Together with efforts to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in all of our operations, we will promote active engagement with nature by stressing forest conservation.
  3. We take on challenges as one through an all-Subaru approach.
    Utilizing our unique organizational character that allows us to oversee the entire supply chain, all of us together will take on the challenges of environmental protection of our planet through an all-Subaru approach.

< Environmental Principles >

Subaru’s fields of business are the earth, the sky and nature. Subaru understands that the health and preservation of biodiversity and controlling climate change are critical to ensuring a sustainable future for our planet earth, nature, communities and businesses.

We develop our products and conduct R&D in light of the lifecycle environmental impacts of our products.
Our purchasing activities reflect consideration for biodiversity and other aspects of environmental protection.
We strive to minimize our environmental impact through improving energy efficiency and waste management.
We strive to minimize our environmental impact through enhancing energy efficiency and promoting pollution prevention.
We endeavor to recycle resources efficiently and reduce waste.
We will strive to improve our sustainability program through contributions that meet societal needs and by publicizing our activities as Team Subaru.

[Established in April 1998, revised in April 2017]