Response to the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

We at Subaru would like to express our sympathies to all impacted by the novel coronavirus, and convey our deepest condolences to the survivors of those who have lost their lives. We also offer our thanks to many people for their tireless work, especially the healthcare workers who are battling the further spread of the disease.
The Subaru Group incurred a large impact on our business activities. We faced unavoidable adjustments to production, including temporary suspension of operations, and dealt with various limitations at many dealerships. Amidst these circumstances, we established the Coronavirus Countermeasure Headquarters with the CEO as its leader. Based on the overall supervision of the Chief Risk Management Officer (CRMO), we increased thorough prevention measures, the staggering of commutes, and remote working, all while placing the health and safety of customers, business partners and employees first. Going forward, we will shift to a strong business foundation and earnings structure that can respond to any kind of change in the business environment.
Also, the Subaru Group is conducting support activities from various aspects. We are aiming to become a company that is trusted by, and resonates and coexists with all stakeholders by sincerely listening to the voices of individual customers and society as a whole.

Support Activities

Production and Supply of Medical-use Face Shields

In cooperation with our corporate business partners, Subaru has been producing medical-use face shields. As of the end of May, we have distributed 7,000 face shields to local medical institutions and regional medical associations near our plants.

Medical-use face shields

Donating Goods to Firefighters

Firefighters are at high risk for contracting coronavirus. To help protect them, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., donated 75 articles of protective clothing and 320 wet wipes to fire stations in its local region of Lafayette, Indiana.

Donating 50 Million Meals

Subaru of America, Inc., has established the Subaru Love Promise, its vision to show love and respect to all people who encounter Subaru at every point of contact. One part of the vision is called “Loves to Help,” under which the company donated 50 million meals through Feeding America, a charitable organization that provides meals throughout the entire country. This made it possible to offer meals at 199 food banks around the United States.

Participating in Open COVID-19 Declaration

Subaru endorses the Open COVID-19 Declaration with the objective of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and thus has participated in this initiative.
In line with the Declaration, Subaru will make its intellectual property held in and outside of Japan available completely on a royalty-free basis, solely for the purpose of accelerating efforts to develop, manufacture, and distribute therapeutic drugs, vaccines, medical devices, infection control instruments and other products that will be key to stopping the spread of COVID-19.