We disclose our information to the public on this website according to our disclosure policy.

1. Disclosure standards

Our disclosure is made in conformity with the "Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuer of Listed Security and the Like" (the "Regulations") enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ( "TSE" ). It is our policy to disclose information positively and fairly when a decision, event or information regarding account settlements that affects investment judgments occurs or that dose not fall under the Regulations, such as the contents of announcement made at a analysts' meeting, in order to better meet investors' needs.

2. Information disclosure method

Disclosure of information falling under the Regulations is publicized through the "timely-disclosed information dissemination system of the TSE" ("TDnet") offered by the TSE pursuant to the Regulations. We post each piece of information publicized on TDnet on our website promptly. In disclosing information beyond that required to be released under the Regulations, we are endeavoring to ensure that such information is provided as much precisely and fairly as possible through website and media.

3. Silence period

In order to ensure fairness and prevent any information affecting the stock price from being divulged during the preparation period of the data for the announcement of the account settlements, we fix three to four weeks as "silence period" prior to the announcement. During this period, we refrain from making comments on the financial results or responding to related inquiries. However, in the event that results are expected to substantially differ from forecasts, we will make appropriate announcements based on the Regulations.

4. Certificate regarding timely disclosure

Please refer to the translation of "Certificate regarding timely disclosure" which we publicized at TSE as required.

5. Other

When using this website for information on our company, please read not only this "Disclosure Policy" but also "Disclaimer" carefully.