CSR Promotion System

The Sustainability Committee was established as a forum for discussing all kinds of CSR initiatives by the SUBARU Group, and meets twice a year. The Sustainability Committee is headed by the President and Representative Director, and all of our executives are members. The committee considers business issues from a social perspective and works to strengthen CSR efforts.
We comprehensively promote CSR initiatives as a unified SUBARU Group to realize our sustainability in cooperation with bases in Japan and overseas, and monitor the PDCA status of related committees and departments. Details of the initiatives are deliberated and reported on at Board of Directors’ meetings. Moreover, in coordination with Group companies in Japan and dealerships, we share information with CSR managers appointed by each company.
The various activities we conduct in the Group are communicated and disclosed appropriately through channels such as the Sustainability & CSR section of our website, our Integrated Report, and our digital in-house magazine, leading to further enhancement of the SUBARU Group’s CSR initiatives.

Initiative for Widespread Adoption of CSR

Promoting Group-wide Understanding and Permeation

In the SUBARU Group, we are taking various steps for each employee to gain a deeper understanding of CSR in order to promote initiatives in this area. We not only provide educational opportunities to SUBARU executives but also conduct rank-specific training for new managers, new associate managers, and new recruits. Since FYE March 2021, we have been expanding the scope of measures to enhance understanding to Group companies worldwide by sharing SUBARU’s perspectives through meetings and other means. In FYE March 2023, we shared our unique tools for promoting understanding with Group companies in Japan and dealerships to further facilitate awareness.

Initiatives in FYE March 2023 and Beyond
Target Description
  • Hold rank-specific training for new recruits, new associate managers, and new managers
  • Conduct e-learning on the SUBARU Group’s CSR for all managers and Head Office employees, with plans to expand the scope going forward
Group companies in Japan
  • Utilize materials from e-learning conducted at SUBARU
Dealerships in Japan
  • Hold meetings of the CSR Promotion Conference to share the CSR-related initiatives of dealerships and utilize materials from e-learning conducted at SUBARU
Overseas Group companies
  • Promote CSR initiatives based on the circumstances of each company


Feedback from employees after CSR e-learning

  • The e-learning prompted me to contemplate the essential factors for SUBARU to establish a “people-oriented car culture” in the field of automobile manufacturing, where the role of cars as a mode of transportation is becoming increasingly vital, particularly with the advent of electrification and autonomous driving.
  • I reaffirmed my understanding of SUBARU’s social responsibility and gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of corporate compliance.
  • I came to understand that the SUBARU Group’s CSR initiatives contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and have an impact on our children’s future.
  • Since all Six Priority Areas for CSR apply to my job, I not only want to understand them but also strive to put them into practice. I learned the importance of proactive actions to earn trust and empathy from society. I hope to gain further valuable insights from Subaru of America Inc.’s initiatives and apply the newfound knowledge in my own work.
  • I aim to contribute to the enhancement of the SUBARU brand by advancing CSR initiatives with customers and dealerships in Japan through our business activities.
  • I realized that it is not only essential to generate profits through our core business but also to coexist with the local community and environment for SUBARU’s sustainable growth.