The 2018 CSR Report in PDF format will be available in January 2019.

2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (Download split PDF files)

Download individual sections of the CSR Report here.

Cover / Editorial Policy

Message from the President

About Subaru Group

Special Feature

【Special Feature Raising the Curtain on Subaru’s Next Generation】

The Subaru Group's CSR

Customers and Products

  • 【Efforts to Raise Customer Satisfaction Levels】
  • 【Quality Management】
  • 【Making Safe Vehicles】
  • 【Approaches to Welfare Vehicles】


Corporate Governance


  • 【Environmental Vision】
  • 【Environmental Management】
  • 【Environmentally Friendly Automobiles】
  • 【Environmentally-conscious Procurement】
  • 【Climate Change】
  • 【Recycling-based Society】
  • 【Water Resources】
  • 【Preventing Pollution】
  • 【Biodiversity】
  • 【Environmental Data】
  • 【Environmental Performance by Manufacturing Division and Tokyo office】

【Third-party Opinions / Receiving the Third Party Opinion】

Social Contribution

Information Disclosure



  • 【Human Resource Development】
  • 【Work-Life Balance Initiatives】
  • 【Diversity Initiatives】
  • 【Occupational Health and Safety】
  • 【Healthcare】
  • 【Communication with Labor Union】

Linkage Table for Guidelines