Note: Since this section contains the CSR report issued in August 2016, it uses the former company name (Fuji Heavy Industries).

The publishing of Fuji Heavy Industries Group's CSR Report has been moved to our Website.
Information on our CSR activities has been compiled in PDF format and is available for download below.

2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (Download split PDF files)

Download individual sections of the CSR Report here.

Cover / Editorial Policy

  • 【Cover】
  • 【Contents】
  • 【Editorial Policy】
  • 【Subjects of Reports】
  • 【Miscellaneous】

Message from the President

【Message from the President】

About Fuji Heavy Industries Group


  • 【1. Subaru Pursues World Class Safety Performance.】
  • 【2. Fan Meetings Connecting Subaru and Users】

The Fuji Heavy Industries Group's CSR

  • 【Our Approach to CSR】
  • 【Corporate Philosophy】
  • 【Corporate Code of Conduct】
  • 【CSR Policy】
  • 【The Eight CSR Action Items】
  • 【CSR Promotion System】
  • 【Relationship to Stakeholders】
  • 【Safety is our DNA】

Customers and Products

  • 【Efforts to Raise Customer Satisfaction Levels】
  • 【Quality Management】
  • 【Making Safe Vehicles】
  • 【Approaches to Welfare Vehicles】


Corporate Governance


Social Contribution

  • 【Social Contribution Policy】
  • 【Efforts in Japan】
  • 【Efforts at Each Site】
  • 【Efforts Outside of Japan】

Information Disclosure



  • 【Human Resource Development】
  • 【Work-Life Balance Initiatives】
  • 【Diversity Initiatives】
  • 【Occupational Health and Safety】
  • 【Healthcare】
  • 【Communication with Labor Union】

Comparison with ISO26000

2016 Environmental Report

  • 【Environmental Vision】
  • 【Environmental Management】
  • 【Environmentally Friendly Automobiles】
  • 【Plant and Office Initiatives】
  • 【Initiatives for Distribution】
  • 【Initiatives for Sales】
  • 【Automobile Recycling】
  • 【Environmental Communication】
  • 【Overseas Initiatives】
  • 【Environmental Data】
  • 【Environmental Performance by Manufacturing Division and Tokyo office】

【Third-party Opinions / Receiving the Third Party Opinion】