Business Overview
Aerospace Company

Subaru’s roots trace back to 1917 and the Aircraft Research Laboratory, later to become Nakajima Aircraft. In the Subaru of today, our Aerospace Business carries on Nakajima Aircraft’s passion for Monozukuri, leading Japan’s aerospace industry through the development and production of a diverse set of aircraft under three business pillars: commercial, defense and helicopter.

In our commercial business, we are responsible for the development and manufacturing of the center wing boxes and various other components of large aircraft such as the Boeing 787 through an international joint development program with U.S.-based Boeing. Our defense business is wide-ranging, including the development and production of aircraft systems under an all-Japan framework, as well as of training aircraft for the Japan Self-Defense Forces. In our helicopter business, we produce the UH-2 utility helicopter used by the Japan Ground Self- Defense Force (JGSDF) and its commercial version, the SUBARU BELL 412EPX.

  • Commercial Business

    Since first participating in the Boeing passenger program in 1973, we have been involved in development and production as a one of key partner of Boeing for more than 50 years. Subaru manufactures the center wing box, the critical aircraft section where the right and left wings are attached to the front and rear fuselage and major sections. Since the center wing box contains the aircraft’s fuel, Boeing requires that we provide high mechanical strength and high fluid tightness, a need we have met by demonstrating our advanced design and assembly technologies.

    The Handa Plant, located in Aichi Prefecture and where center wing boxes for large aircraft are manufactured, is a global-level production center providing parts for not only the Boeing 787, which boasts over 1,000 manufactured worldwide, but also the Boeing 777X, Boeing 777, the Ministry of Defense’s P-1 maritime patrol aircraft, and the C-2 transport aircraft. As of May 2023, the Handa Plant has manufactured and shipped a cumulative total of 3,000 center wing boxes for large aircraft.1

    *1: News Release:
    Subaru Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Manufacture and Delivery of Boeing 777

    A center wing box (Handa Plant)
  • Defense Business

    For half a century, the Subaru Group has been providing overall operational support, including aircraft manufacturing, scheduled maintenance, refueling, and training, for programs such as Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force training aircraft systems, as well as Japan Ground Self-Defense Force utility helicopters. As of May 2023, affiliate Fuji Aviation Maintenance Co., Ltd. reached the milestone of 2,500 cumulative scheduled maintenance services performed for T-5 aircraft. We also boast a significant track record in development for unmanned aerial vehicles, and are actively involved in the operation support of existing systems and the research and development of future systems.

    Subaru also participates in the development of Japan's major defense aircraft systems, including fighter, transport, and patrol aircraft, and we are responsible for the development and production of major components, focusing on areas where we have particular strengths, including main wings, tail fins, and composite materials.

    The T-5 Japan Maritime Self-Defense
    Forcetraining aircraft
  • Helicopter Business

    Subaru has established a mass production line at our Utsunomiya Plant to provide UH-2 utility helicopters to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, which is used for air transport as well as lifesaving, evacuation, and firefighting during disasters, plus other missions to ensure the safety and security of the people of Japan.

    The SUBARU BELL 412EPX is the commercial version of the UH-2, and has seen a steady increase in orders and sales. This aircraft boasts high reliability for operation under harsh conditions and excellent serviceability, and is expected to enjoy broad use in Japan and around the world.

    Subaru will continue to support safe and reliable flight operations for its customers as a company with manufacturing and maintenance bases in Japan, not only by manufacturing and selling aircraft, but also by supplying parts and performing scheduled maintenance.

    The UH-2 Japan Ground Self-Defense
    Forceutility helicopter