• SUBARU: Our Vision and Beliefs

With just one look at a car, imagine a brighter life.
With just the idea of “wings” in your mind, imagine a new world to fly to and explore.
We strive to create products that ignite the hearts of our customers.
What matters is not how many machines we make, but how many people we make happy.

When Subaru shines in people's hearts, we want them to be filled with happiness.

What is constant since the birth of SUBARU is "human-oriented."

We are devoted to our customers.
We relentlessly pursue safety, because cars and airplanes transport the people we love.

We want them to feel reassured,
and to view our products with delight.

SUBARU is constantly thinking these things through.

Never compromising. Never taking the easy way out.
Products born of passion and challenge move the hearts of those who hold them.

Are people still excited by cars?
If not, let's make cars exciting again.
As exciting as the planes that soared across the skies.

Human-oriented cars running on the roads, delivering
happiness to all.
We are running with the challenge of
making that a reality.
SUBARU is always part of people's happiness.

Every person has their own precious life.
We want to protect and enrich those precious lives.

Every person wants their one life to be as exciting
and enjoyable as possible.
We want to satisfy their curiosity and their sense of adventure.

SUBARU has always tested the limits.

The spirits of those who overcame the ultimate challenge to make machines that soared across the skies still inspire us today.

To make a machine fly,
everything had to be perfect.
Each step was a first.
Each step was arduous.

Our drive to examine and understand things from every angle is for the benefit of every single driver and passenger alive today.
We are relentless in our pursuit of safety because cars carry the people we love.
We relentlessly strive to perfect the driving experience because cars add excitement to our lives.

SUBARU aims to become a company that delivers happiness to all.

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