Company Profile

  • Q1When was the company established?
    The company was established on July 15, 1953.
  • Q2What is the origin of your company name?
    Subaru is a Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster. Subaru was the first brand to use a Japanese name for its vehicles. The name symbolizes the unity of the six companies related to Nakajima Aircraft that merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (later to become Subaru Corporation).
  • Q3What are your business segments?
    Subaru Corporation is an automobile and aircraft manufacturer headquartered in Japan.
    The company operates automotive and aerospace businesses under the Subaru brand.
  • Q4When was your stock first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
    We were listed on March 14, 1960.


  • Q1Where can I find out about the company's medium- and long-term management plans?
    Please refer to the "Subaru New Management Policy" page.
  • Q2What is your policy of return to shareholders?
    Please refer to the "Return to Shareholders" page.
  • Q3What is your approach to corporate governance?

    Subaru has articulated the vision “Delivering happiness to all” and works on the enhancement of corporate governance as one of the top priorities of management in order to gain the satisfaction and trust of all its stakeholders by achieving sustainable growth and improving its corporate value in the medium and long term based on the Corporate Statement outlined below.

    Delivering happiness to all
    ⟨Value statement⟩
    “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind”
    ⟨Corporate statement⟩
    We aim to be a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon our customer-first principle.

    Please refer to our "Corporate Governance" page for more information.

  • Q4What is your policy of executive compensation?
    The overview of compensation for directors can be found in the corporate governance section in our Integrated Report on this page:


  • Q1What is your securities trading code?
    The securities code of Subaru is 7270.
  • Q2Which stock exchange is the company listed on?
    The Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are not listed overseas.
  • Q3Who are your major shareholders?
    Please refer to the "Stock Overview" page.
  • Q4Where can I find the current Subaru stock price?
    Please refer to the "Stock Overview" page.
  • Q5How many Subaru shares are outstanding?
    Please refer to the "Stock Overview" page.
  • Q6What is the number of shares per trading unit?
  • Q7What is your current dividend situation?
    Please refer to the "Return to Shareholders" page.
  • Q8When is the general shareholders' meeting held?
    The ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held in June every year. For the agenda of the meeting, please refer to the "Shareholders' Meeting" page.
  • Q9Who are the analysts and their firms that cover Subaru?
    Please refer to the "Analyst Coverage" page.

Account settlement and financial information

  • Q1When does your fiscal year end?
    On March 31.
  • Q2How can I find out when the financial results will be announced?
    Please refer to the "IR Calendar" page where we list and update our yearly schedule.
  • Q3Does Subaru webcast earnings presentations?
    Live and archived Subaru presentations and conference calls are listed on:
    https://www.subaru.co.jp/ir/library/results.html (available in Japanese only)
  • Q4Where can I find your financial documents?
    You can find our latest and past financial and business reports on this page:
  • Q5What is your latest financial outcome?
    Please refer to the "Financial Results" page.
  • Q6What is your outlook for the current term?
    Please refer to the "Financial Results" page.
  • Q7How can I find out about your past financial performances?
    You can find information for the past five years, financial statements and related information on the "Financial Data Download" page.
  • Q8Where can I find the company's annual securities reports?
    They are listed on this page:
    https://www.subaru.co.jp/ir/library/securities-reports.html (available only in Japanese)
  • Q9Where can I find the company's integrated reports?
    Please refer to the "Integrated Report" page.


  • Q1Where can I find information on the Subaru lineup?
    It is on the Subaru Global website at www.subaru-global.com.
  • Q2What are Subaru's efforts on safety?
    Subaru aims to improve safety by focusing on three ideas: active safety, passive safety and pre-crash safety. They realize an "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind" driving experience for everyone within the vehicle. Even more, Subaru is aspiring to enhance safety for our whole mobile society including pedestrians and the surrounding environment. For more details, please refer to:
  • Q3Where can I find out about Subaru's environmental activities?
    For our environmental activities, please refer to the "CSR/Environment" page.
  • Q4Where can I find out about Subaru's social contribution?
    Subaru is actively promoting social contribution activities as one aspect of its CSR policy. At its manufacturing plants, these activities take various forms such as community festivals, sports coaching for children by the company's baseball and track teams, and plant tours. For more details, please refer to "Social Contribution" page.