Editorial Policy

This Report, in line with the Subaru Global Sustainability Policy established in April 2020, outlines our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as targets and initiatives for CSR at Subaru Corporation and all its subsidiaries (the Subaru Group). It aims to promote communication with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities, and employees, and to further enhance our CSR-related initiatives.
The descriptions contained in this Report regarding Subaru’s product specifications and equipment refer to Japanese specifications, unless otherwise stated.

Target Organizations

In uprinciple, the report covers the Subaru Group (Subaru Corporation and all its subsidiaries). In this report, the “Subaru Group” refers to the Subaru Group; “Subaru” refers to the Subaru Corporation; “affiliated companies (affiliates)” refers to Subaru’s subsidiaries in Japan and overseas, including dealers in the Automotive Business; and “group companies” refers to Subaru’s subsidiaries in Japan, excluding dealers in the Automotive Business.

Period Covered

  • This report primarily concerns the period from April 2019 to March 2020. Some information is provided concerning events outside this reporting period, including the period just prior to publication.
  • The departments, titles, etc. of the people introduced in this report are as of the time of writing.

Guidelines Referenced

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2018 edition) by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Period Issued

  • Previous issue: August 2019
  • Current issue: August 2020
  • Next scheduled issue: August 2021

Special Notice on Prospects

This report includes a variety of statements regarding the prospects, plans, forecasts, etc. for the future of the Subaru Corporation and the Subaru Group member companies. Since the statements contained here are based on past events and currently available information, please note that outcomes may differ markedly depending on future economic trends, the company’s business environment, and other factors.


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