Philosophy and Management Vision

Pursuing our Goal of
“Delivering Happiness to All”

Pursuing our Goal of “Delivering Happiness to All”

The Subaru Group, by no means a large automaker, concentrates its limited management resources in pursuit of the value it provides to its customers, which is “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” The customers who support us value Subaru vehicles like lifestyle partners.

Together, we are marching ahead to make society better, inspiring our customers to say that Subaru is “different.” Our vision of becoming a company “Delivering happiness to all” is something that we have learned from the behavior of our customers, with whom we share deep relationships.

We will put these customers who have nurtured the Subaru brand first, and continue to pursue our goal of delivering happiness to people, society, and even the Earth.

Atsushi Osaki
Representative Director, President and CEO
Subaru Corporation

Origin of the SUBARU Name and Logo:

"Subaru" is Japanese for the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus. These stars are also known as "six star group." The name reflects the fact that Fuji Heavy Industries was formed from capital contributions from five companies that sprang from Nakajima Aircraft.

Submitted to our group website
Voices from SUBARU owners

We have collected feedback from Subaru owners submitted via our Subaru Group websites.
It is our hope to continue satisfying the expectations of Subaru owners who have chosen and cherished our vehicles.

  • “What color do you think looks good for a Forester? Any options you like?” Since Mom called me that day giddy with excitement, the Forester has been part of our family, protecting my parents.
  • Even though we’ve only had it for a year, our Subaru is such an essential companion for my wife and I, taking us to all kinds of places. A little time free, and boom! We’re off. We’d love for our kids to experience this kind of enjoyment too one day.
  • Our Subaru has made every day so special, and holds a lot of memories for us. We’ve just hit 100,000 kilometers, and I’m looking forward to taking good care of my Subaru and exploring together in the kilometers beyond!
  • For our wedding anniversary, I took my wife out for a break from everyday life. We got in our Subaru and drove toward the ocean, out on the horizon, eating locally-caught seafood and enjoying a long walk on the beach. I’m already planning our next special trip together.
  • Vacations are so much more now with our XV. Our old car didn’t have as much storage space, and we couldn’t camp out of the car like we do now, or take our bicycles on the road while traveling.
  • I used to be more of an indoor type, but now I’m out every weekend doing what I love most—being in nature with my car. It’s been the best thing for making my life more enriched.
  • I love my Subaru Forester! Her name is Betty Too. We just took her on a 3500 mile road trip. Looking forward to many more adventures!
  • My drive for adventure while also remembering to slow down to enjoy the simple things. This is exactly what my Subaru allows me to do.
  • Thanks for making the perfect spring break road trip adventure vehicle!
  • I can't even begin to express how much I LOVE this vehicle! Not only has this been a fun trip, but knowing we are safe in this vehicle makes it even better.
  • Our local quilt guild, made over 100 quilts for a summer camp for kids going thru cancer.
  • Seamus and Bettie know safety, comfort and style when they see it!
  • My Legacy started on the first try not missing a beat!! I love feeling safe in my Subaru with whatever Wyoming weather throws at me!! Thanks Subaru!
  • The outback is great in the snow and off road. Our 2 rescues love the car too!

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