What is SUBARU?
A brief summary of what Subaru does.

Pursuing our Goal of “Delivering Happiness to All”

The SUBARU concentrates its limited management resources in pursuit of the value it provides to its customers, which is “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” The customers who support us value SUBARU vehicles like lifestyle partners. Together, we are marching ahead to make society better, inspiring our customers to say that SUBARU is “different.” Our vision of becoming a company “Delivering happiness to all” is something that we have learned from the behavior of our customers, with whom we share deep relationships. We will put these customers who have nurtured the SUBARU brand first, and continue to pursue our goal of delivering happiness to people, society, and even the Earth.

Subaru’s History of Value Creation

We have always been ahead of the curve in using products exemplifying the SUBARU difference to respond to customer needs based in the context of the times. This has created strong relationships with our customers. In particular, we believe that the driver’s universal value of safety is an unshakable strength felt by our customers in our continuous refinement of all kinds of technologies.

Value Creation Process

At SUBARU, we hope to enrich the lives and minds of all people connected to our Group, with a vision of becoming a company “Delivering Happiness to All.” With its DNA as an aircraft manufacturer and based on our human-oriented approach to Monozukuri, we provide product value that embodies the SUBARU Difference, and by continuing to meet the various expectations of our customers who share these values, we will enhancing relationship with our customers. In order to achieve this, we are encouraging the growth of the individual and harnessing and aggregating the power of all employees, including innovation leaders and those who will support them to achieve the organization growth. In addition, we will aim to achieve both the sustainable growth of the SUBARU Group and the realization of an enjoyable and sustainable society.

At a Glance

Business Introduction

① Automotive Division

Ratio of Net Sales by Automobile


The business at the core of Subaru is automobile division.
Our history as an automaker began with the launch of the Subaru 360 in 1958. Since then we have worked continually to provide new value in automobiles by developing new categories based on our core technologies, such as the horizontally-opposed engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD), and by creating new technological value, including EyeSight*, the world’s first driver assist system. These actions have deepened our ties with customers.

* EyeSight is the first driver assist system to provide all functionality solely through the use of stereo cameras

Subaru 360

In recent years, we have positioned the U.S. as an important market, with a strategy of concentrating limited resources in fields in which we should extend our strengths and advantages, including product lineups focused on SUVs and sports models. We provide Enjoyment and Peace of Mind through high value-added products. In addition, we are developing core technologies in areas such as battery electric and hybrid vehicles, while leveraging alliances to accelerate our initiatives toward achieving carbon neutrality.

Product Focus
Market Focus
Operating Profit

② Aerospace Division

Ratio of Net Sales by Aerospace


SUBARU’s roots trace back to 1917 and the Aircraft Research Laboratory, later to become Nakajima Aircraft. In the SUBARU of today, our Aerospace Business carries on Nakajima Aircraft’s passion for Monozukuri, leading Japan’s aerospace industry through the development and production of a diverse set of aircraft under three business pillars: defense, commercial, and helicopter.

Center Wing Box for Large Aircraft
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Our defense business is wide-ranging, including the development and production of aircraft systems under an all-Japan framework, as well as of training aircraft for the Japan Self-Defense Forces. In our commercial business, we are responsible for the development and manufacturing of the center wing boxes and various other components of large aircraft such as the Boeing 787 through an international joint development program with U.S.-based Boeing. In our helicopter business, we produce the UH-2 utility helicopter used by the Japan Ground Self- Defense Force (JGSDF) and its commercial version, the SUBARU BELL 412EPX.

Operating Profit

Primary Products and Services

  • UH-2 utility helicopter
  • AH-64D attack helicopter
  • T-5 and T-7 trainers
  • Flying Forward Reconnaissance System
  • The Center Wing Section of Boeing 787
  • The Center Wing Section of Boeing 777 & 777X