Return to Shareholders
Dividend information.

Shareholder Returns Policy

The Company positions the return to shareholders as an important managerial issue. With the aim of maintaining a total return ratio between 30% and 50%, we will pay stable and consistent dividends and flexibly repurchase shares after comprehensive consideration of our business performance, investment plans, and the business environment.

Dividend and Payout ratio


Reflecting the upward revision of the consolidated financial full-year forecast based on the first-half results, and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Company's founding, the Company has decided to pay an interim dividend of 48 yen per share, consisting of 38 yen as an ordinary dividend and 10 yen as a commemorative dividend. The Company plans to pay a year-end dividend of the same amount of 48 yen, resulting in an annual dividend of 96 yen per share (76 yen ordinary dividend and 20 yen commemorative dividend).

* Forward-looking statements are based on the information available at the time of announcement (November 2, 2023) and are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to vary materially.

Dividend Payout Ratio

* On May 11, 2023, Subaru Corporation (the “Company”) announced the "Notice Regarding Repurchase and Cancellation of Own Shares" after comprehensively considering the current performance, business environment, future demand for funds, etc.
The Company will repurchase up to 40 billion yen (maximum total repurchase amount) Purchase of treasury shares in order to improve capital efficiency and will cancel all of the repurchased Treasury shares.
As a result, the total return ratio for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, including dividends and share buybacks, is expected to be 49.1%.

The Group has voluntarily adopted the IFRS from the fiscal year ended March 2020, and the Dividend Payout Ratio for the FYE 2019 have also been reclassified to the IFRS basis and presented.

Return to Shareholders

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  FYE 2019 FYE 2020 FYE 2021 FYE 2022 FYE 2023
Highest (yen) 3,736 3,184 2,684 2,413 2,653
Lowest (yen) 2,209 1,876 1,672 1,665 1,798

*Share prices are Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime Market) market quotations.

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