Our Approach

The SUBARU Group’s human resource development programs are tailored to the business characteristics of SUBARU’s affiliated companies based on the belief that encouraging the sustainable growth of individual human resources is essential for the sustainable growth of their respective companies.
We also offer training and human resource exchange across the entire SUBARU Group so that all of its members can work together to provide sustainable value to society.

Management System

The Human Resource Management and Development Group within the Human Resources Department plays a central role in collaborating with its peer groups within the department and creating human resources who act independently and take on new challenges based on their resonance with SUBARU’s philosophy. This organization works to ensure a system and environment is in place where employees can chart their own careers and learn and grow independently.


Career Development

SUBARU's personnel system encourages employees to take on challenges independently and to grow as individuals, facilitating their individual career development through a cycle of goal management and evaluation.
Under the goal management system, which links individual employee goals with organizational goals, all SUBARU employees have an interview with supervisors four times a year (for goal setting, interim confirmation, outcome confirmation, and evaluation sharing) to share challenges toward achieving growth in their work.
In addition to this, to enable each employee to approach their own career from a medium- to long-term perspective, we hold annual career interviews between supervisors and subordinates to help expand future possibilities.
Under the new personnel system launched in FYE March 2022, our organization aims to achieve the following three target states: 1) employees who take on new challenges can grow and succeed, 2) evaluations and treatment are fair and commensurate with work, and 3) human resources with a diverse set of abilities can succeed. Under this organization, we are supporting the independent career development of our employees.

Education Programs

SUBARU is working to develop a system and environment in which the Company itself encourages the growth of the individual so that all employees can independently develop their careers. To this end, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities to enable individuals to develop skills according to the career plans they have created. By actively incorporating training outside the workplace as well, we focus not only on the systematic acquisition of business skills appropriate for each rank and position, but also on the development of human resources with diverse skills and who can be adaptable in an era of rapid change and future uncertainty.

Training Results
Item FYE March 2022 FYE March 2023
Average training hours per employee 6.5 10.4
Training cost per employee ¥39,000 ¥51,000
Self-development support and new employee training (before starting official employment) are not included in the total number of participants or training hours.
Identifying with the corporate philosophy

We carry out programs to help individual employees gain a deeper understanding of SUBARU’s vision and the value it offers, helping them build a greater sense of resonance so that they can build awareness and act independently toward realization of our vision. In FYE March 2023, we carried out a series of programs in this area, including the SUBARU Vision Awareness Program, a mutual exploration and discussion program about what it means to be a company “Delivering Happiness to All,” and Dialogue with the President events for managers, in which the President’s ideas are directly communicated.

Career Training

At SUBARU, career training is offered to employees as an opportunity for them to come face-to-face with their potential career paths so that they can develop their own careers independently. We also offer career management training for managers so that employees’ workplaces and superiors can support their career development.

Business Skill Development Support

At SUBARU, all employees, from managers to general staff, are offered a choice of various business skill development support programs in accordance with their individual levels, goals, and career plans. The program also utilizes public courses held at external institutions to provide opportunities to gain more insights from an outside perspective and to raise awareness.

Managerial Talent Development

SUBARU offers training for selected mid-level and manager class employees with the aim of continually fostering the next generation of managerial talent.

Globally Focused Talent Development

In addition to improving language skills, we encourage employees to develop a wide range of capabilities with the goal of acquiring cross-cultural, collaboration, and leadership skills with a view to playing an active role on the global stage.

Engineer Development

We believe that the development of highly skilled engineers is essential for SUBARU's sustainable growth.
This education program targeting engineering departments offers courses aimed at improving the expertise of employees in their technical areas of responsibility.
The Specialist System, launched in FYE March 2022, evaluates and rewards SUBARU engineers for their advanced technical skills in order to encourage their self-improvement and at the same time to improve the Company's technical capabilities. In addition, software training launched in FYE March 2023 provides intensive training with the goal of developing 600 software professionals over a five-year period.
We will continue to strengthen our support so that employees can continue to develop their technical skills during their tenure at the Company.

Initiatives to Transfer Skills

■Technician Development
The purpose of transferring skills at SUBARU is to create talent who have comprehensive abilities to adapt to change, standardize and sustain that standardization, and envision continuous improvement, and who can create high-quality products with safety and efficiency.
At the Gunma Plant, we have established an education system for the systematic cultivation of technicians. In July 2022, we introduced basic training for all TPM*1 participants, with 987 taking the course.
In addition, the Aerospace Company carries out an in-house skill certification program for its production department with the aim of improving the skills of young people who will support our monozukuri (car-making) going forward.

TPM: Total Productive Maintenance

■Participation in the National Skills Competition*2
SUBARU participates in the National Skills Competition with the goal of cultivating talent with advanced technical skills and who can lead in the workplace.
Each year, SUBARU employees compete to be the best in Japan in three categories—lathe work, plastic molding, and automobile sheet metal. For about three years from when they join the Company, competitors strive to hone their skills, concentration, and endurance in daily training so that they can do their best at this national competition.
In 2022, the 25th year of SUBARU's participation in the National Skills Competition, SUBARU won the Bronze Award and the Fighting Spirit Award in the automobile sheet metal category at the 60th competition, marking the ninth consecutive year that we have won awards at the competition. This performance has brought SUBARU’s total awards*3 to 52.

The National Skills Competition is an event sponsored by the Japan Vocational Ability Development Association in which young technicians (in principle, up to 23 years old) compete to be the best in Japan. The purpose of the competition is to promote the importance and necessity of technical skills and to help build momentum toward respect for technical skills. It does this by providing young technicians who will lead the next generation with a goal to strive for, and by providing opportunities for young people to come in contact with excellent technical skills in the regions where the competition is held.
Total awards (52) include 1 Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards, 14 Bronze Awards, and 35 Fighting Spirit Awards.

Initiatives in the SUBARU Group

Human Resource Development Programs for Group Companies in Japan
Beginning in FYE March 2023, primary responsibility for Group company talent development has been transferred from the Corporate Planning Department to the Human Resources Department. With an integrated program, we will improve the level of our talent throughout the SUBARU Group.

Human Resource Development for Overseas Group Companies
We support the development of Group company employees outside Japan by providing talent development programs connected to capabilities needed and specialized skill development, based on regional systems, business content, and other factors.