Message from the President

From a Company Making Things, to a Company Making People Smile

More than just a company that makes cars, aircraft, and related technologies, Subaru aims to be a company that makes our customers smile. In every era, our goal is to be a trusted partner for our customers and engage sincerely with them through attractive and distinctive products and services that deliver Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.

In this once-in-a-century period of profound transformation, the automobile industry is required to respond to the new domains of CASE (connected, autonomous, shared & services, and electric) not conventionally associated with car-making. At the same time, the global pandemic of COVID-19 is changing the way we live through its impact on every aspect of our daily lives.
Subaru is by no means a large player in the automobile industry, and it would be difficult for us to develop everything we need on our own. Our business model aims to differentiate Subaru from our competitors by selecting and concentrating on areas where we can enhance our strengths and distinctive features, and focusing our limited resources on such fields in pursuit of the added value that our customers seek. In other areas, we respond appropriately and efficiently by collaborating with Toyota Motor Corporation and a range of other business partners.

Specifically, based on our mid-term management vision for 2025, “STEP,” we are placing both our automotive and aerospace businesses on a strong footing for steady, sustainable growth by further accelerating our efforts to address three key themes: corporate culture reforms, quality enhancement, and the “Subaru-zukuri” (make-a-Subaru) initiative.

Guided by our corporate philosophy of aiming to be a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon the customer-first principle, we will continue our day-to-day efforts to contribute to meeting diversifying societal needs, fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, and make Subaru a company that is trusted by and resonates with our customers around the world.

I very much appreciate your continued support.

Tomomi Nakamura
Representative Director, President and CEO
Subaru Corporation


CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY (Established in November 1994)

  1. We will strive to create advanced technology on an ongoing basis and provide consumers with distinctive products with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. We will aim to continuously promote harmony between people, society and the environment while contributing to the prosperity of society.
  3. We will look to the future with a global perspective and aim to foster a vibrant, progressive company.

Subaru Global Sustainability Policy (Revised in April 2020)

We, Subaru Group*, are committed to sustainable business practices designed to promote harmony between people, society and the environment in the following ways:

  1. Through our business activities, we will contribute to the resolution of various social issues, including the protection of the global environment, and to the creation of a sustainable society.
  2. Respecting the quality and originality of our products, we will continue to provide Subaru's unique value using advanced technologies, and enrich the lives of all those involved with the Subaru Group.
  3. As a good corporate citizen in the international community, we respect human rights, diverse values and individuality, and treat all stakeholders with sincerity in every interaction.
  4. We strive to maintain and advance the workplace environment so that employees can work safely in peace, and with a sense of satisfaction.
  5. We respect international rules and the laws and regulations of each country and region, as well as local culture and customs, and pursue fair and transparent corporate governance.
  6. We make use of dialogue with stakeholders to management decisions, and disclose corporate information in a timely and proper manner.

*Subaru Group means Subaru Corporation and its all subsidiaries

ENVIRONMENT POLICIES (Established in April 1998, Revised in April 2017)

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“The earth, the sky and nature” are Subaru’s fields of business.

With the automotive and aerospace businesses as the pillars of Subaru’s operations, our fields of business are the earth, the sky and nature.
Preservation of the ecosystem of our planet, the earth, the sky and nature, is of utmost importance to ensure the future sustainability of both society and our organization. We align our business strategy to enhance these global goals in all of our operations.

SUBARU Environmental PoliciesPDF/123kB

Human Rights Policy (Established in April 2020)

The Subaru Group puts people first and engages in people-oriented manufacturing. Respect for the rights and characteristics of individuals is an important management issue for realizing Subaru's corporate philosophy of promoting harmony between people, society, and the environment while contributing to the prosperity of society. Based on this policy, the Subaru Group clarifies its responsibilities to respect human rights.

Human Rights PolicyPDF/218kB

QUALITY POLICY (Revised in April 2019)

At Subaru, quality is our highest priority as we earn the trust of our customers.

  1. We will deliver long lasting products that our customers can use with peace of mind.
  2. We will continually improve our products and services by always listening closely to our customer's voice.
  3. We will be a good corporate citizen in all markets where we do business by ensuring compliance with all internal rules, local laws, regulations and social norms.

Origin of the SUBARU Name and Logo:

"SUBARU" is Japanese for the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus. These stars are also known as "six star group." The name reflects the fact that Fuji Heavy Industries was formed from capital contributions from five companies that sprang from Nakajima Aircraft.