Enhancing Relationships with Customers
—Creating the SUBARU Difference for our customers—

We at Subaru have worked to enhance the functionality of our vehicles, including safety and longevity, as part of our efforts to provide value in the form of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” Our customers tell us about their lifestyles, experiences, and affinity using words that describe their Subaru vehicle as a part of their lives. Safety is one area where Subaru has worked to elevate functional value into emotional value in our customers’ minds, and our customers express this value as caring for beloved family and friends.

In the priority market of the U.S., we see many social media posts featuring images and videos of Subaru vehicles with family members, friends, and pets in front of gorgeous backdrops. This shows us that our customers recognize our vehicles as more than just a means of transportation - they are an integral part of our customers’ lifestyles and aspirations. Many of our customers tell us that they feel attached to our vehicles, and they feel that Subaru is appealing because it is different to its competitors. This “difference” is truly an asset to the Subaru brand.

The deep relationship between Subaru and our customers creates emotional value that makes us different from other brands, and we feel strongly that we must continue to enhance it. We hope the “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” that the Subaru Group provides allows our customers to experience greater joy, fulfillment and attachment to our vehicles. This includes driving experiences that offer “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” active lifestyles, memorable experiences with loved ones, and a deeper relationship between retailer staff and customers. We will also respond to new expectations from our customers to build a virtuous cycle that further develops our relationships and enhances the Subaru brand.

Subaru of America, Inc. (hereinafter, “SOA”), which is the local sales management company for the U.S., and its participating retailers work together to make the world a better place all year round with our motto “Do the right things.” Customers who share our values and actively support these activities will not be content with ensuring their own happiness. Instead, they are deeply concerned about society and global resources, and they are making the effort to act in an altruistic way, including helping those in need and want to improve society and the environment. In many cases, our customers become our teachers through the various activities we implement to improve society. These ongoing initiatives allow us to build stronger and deeper relationships with them.

We at Subaru will continue to work with our retailers to be a trusted part of our customers’ lives. Together with our customers, we will work to achieve an enjoyable and sustainable society.

Our goal of being More Than a Car Company®
SOA‘s Love Promise® Initiatives

SOA Launches Programs with Love as the Keyword

In the United States, a key Subaru Group market, SOA has been conducting its Love Campaign since 2008. Every day, SOA receives messages from customers saying things like, “I love my Subaru.” What really stands out is that so many people use the word ‘love’ to express their feelings about their Subaru. Launched with love as the keyword, the Love Campaign involves a variety of initiatives that are closely attuned to customer feelings and values. That approach is especially represented during the year-end holiday season by the Share the Love® campaign. Large discounts are the norm during the season, but the Share the Love® campaign gives customers who buy a Subaru vehicle during this period the chance to have Subaru donate on their behalf to a charity of their choice. This program is closely attuned to the sensibilities of customers who are committed to community engagement, and has been running for the 15 years from 2008 to 2023.

Evolution from Love Campaign to Love Promise – An Initiative That Makes Us More Than a Car Company

The Love Campaign began as a sales promotion initiative, and over the past 15 years has grown into a more significant activity that makes use of community networks built through collaboration with more than 630 retailers across the U.S.

SOA and retailers are participating in the Love Promise Community Commitment based on a core belief in helping those in need through charitable efforts, and the concept that everyone connected with Subaru should feel loved and respected. Focusing on initiatives in five areas of interest, we are making the world a better place through activities for the communities and regions that each retailer calls home. Specifically, in addition to the four organizations1 that SOA partnerships with, retailers independently support community and regional organizations.

Love will guide SOA’s aspirations to transcend what it means to be an automaker with programs to link customers, Subaru vehicles, and life and lifestyles.

*1:SOA has partnerships with these four national charity partner beneficiaries: the ASPCA, Make-A-Wish, Meals on Wheels, and the National Park Foundation