Sustainability Finance

Subaru's vision is “Delivering Happiness to All. To achieve this, Subaru aims to fulfill its social role as a company and provide “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to customers and other stakeholders by adopting the concepts of the Six Priority Areas for CSR, which are “People-Centered Car Culture,” “Resonance and Coexistence,” “Peace of Mind,” “Diversity,” “Environment,” and “Compliance,” and by implementing initiatives based on the SUBARU Global Sustainability Policy.
Specifically, in the area of “Peace of Mind," Subaru has set the goal of “aiming for zero fatal road Accidents in 2030” (zero fatal road accidents among occupants of Subaru vehicles and people involved in collisions with Subaru vehicles, including pedestrians and cyclists), and is working relentlessly to achieve advances in safety performance in areas such as preventive safety and passive safety.
As for “Environment,” in August 2023, Subaru raised its electrification target to “50% of total global sales to be battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in 2030,” and is advancing efforts to achieve this goal. Funds procured under this framework will be allocated primarily to the development of advanced safety technology and the development and production of BEVs to further accelerate these initiatives.