Our Approach

The SUBARU Group, after identifying its strengths and weaknesses, has put together a vision for its intellectual property activities with aims to achieve brand management with the SUBARU Difference. The following is the three-point basic policy being carried out.

Basic Intellectual Property Policy

  1. Function as a compass for business and R&D strategies using the IP landscape*
  2. Throughout SUBARU, we will dedicate ourselves to creating intellectual properties that originate from the market and appropriately manage our intellectual property portfolio to protect and enhance its brand
  3. SUBARU will respect the intellectual property rights of others and work thoroughly for patent clearance in product development
In combination with market information on intellectual properties, analyzes the business environment and support strategic plans

In addition, to aid in minimizing intellectual property risk through business activities that respect the Group’s intellectual property, protecting, expanding and securing an advantage in business, and protecting the SUBARU brand and maximizing its value, we have established the SUBARU Group Intellectual Property Policy to set guidelines for the following activities.

SUBARU Group Intellectual Property Policy

  1. Business activities that respect intellectual property
    The SUBARU Group shall use and manage intellectual property appropriately, ensure full compliance with the intellectual property rights of other companies, and conduct business activities that respect the intellectual property of both our own and other companies.
  2. Management and effective utilization of intellectual property
    The SUBARU Group shall, in principle, use and manage its intellectual property appropriately by fostering information sharing and collaboration between the SUBARU Intellectual Property Department and each Group company. When necessary, it shall establish organizational structures or assign responsible individuals within Group companies to manage intellectual property-related matters.
    The SUBARU Group shall strive to maximize Group-wide benefits by effectively utilizing intellectual property within the Group, including through licensing of intellectual property rights.
  3. Handling lawsuits
    The SUBARU Group shall resolve disputes related to intellectual property in good faith and in a comprehensive manner through cooperation between the SUBARU Intellectual Property Department and each Group company being sure to gain the support of stakeholders and prioritize business sustainability.
  4. The SUBARU corporate brand logo
    The SUBARU Group shall adhere to the regulations established by SUBARU, including company-wide regulations concerning corporate brand management and the Corporate and Brand Identification Manual, ensuring the proper use of the SUBARU corporate and brand logo.

Management System

Intellectual Property Promotion System


At SUBARU, the Intellectual Property Department manages, protects, and utilizes intellectual property rights belonging to the SUBARU Group and also implements internal activities that aim to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. The following are specific activities being undertaken.

  1. Support the proposal of strategies using the intellectual property landscape
  2. Acquire rights for intellectual properties, including technologies, trademarks, naming, and design, and adequately manage the intellectual property portfolio
  3. Conduct a comprehensive survey on the existence of intellectual property rights which may hinder business operations and take measures to prevent and resolve such issues
  4. Crack down on counterfeit goods globally, including protection measures at borders for oversight and taxation of online sales
  5. Secure intellectual properties, ownership of data, and user rights in technology and business contracts
  6. Support the management, protection, and utilization of intellectual property by each SUBARU Group company based on the SUBARU Group’s Basic Intellectual Property Policy

Risks associated with not taking action

Non-compliance with the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of other companies could lead to proliferation of counterfeit products and damage to the brand through infringement of other companies’ intellectual property rights. This could have a major impact on the Group’s business performance and financial position.
In the future, we will work to further strengthen the monitoring of the above efforts by the management team.

Awareness Activities

In the SUBARU Group, the Intellectual Property Department regularly undertakes the following awareness activities to instill behavior in compliance with laws and regulations.

  1. Implementing rank-specific training for employees involved in development, tailored to their year of entry into the Company and their position (participants in FYE March 2023: approximately 460), and expanding on-demand education content to support autonomous learning by employees
  2. Implementing awareness activities through the Patent Promotion Committee, an organization promoting the creation of inventions and patent application activities in each department
  3. Development departments are surveying the intellectual property rights of other parties and securing patent clearance
  4. Publication of newsletters aimed at enhancing communication regarding intellectual property with each SUBARU Group company
Rank-specific training
Target Curriculum
Upon joining SUBARU Understand intellectual property and employee invention system
Second year Understand intellectual property and related activities
Mid-level employees Acquire the intellectual property knowledge required for workplace leaders and supervisors
Managers Understand SUBARU’s intellectual property strategy and attain intellectual property management skills