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September 21, 2021

Subaru Outback Awarded Maximum Five Star Rating
in 2021 Euro NCAP Safety Test

Tokyo, September 21, 2021 – Subaru Corporation announced that the all-new Outback (European model) has won the highest five star overall rating in the 2021 European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP)*1 safety performance test. This is Subaru’s 9th top rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests following the five star rating won by Forester in 2019.

Euro NCAP impact test on Outback
(European model)
Euro NCAP Logo 5 Stars for Test 2021

The Euro NCAP evaluates “Adult Occupant Protection”, “Child Occupant Protection”, “Vulnerable Road Users Protection” and “Safety Assist” and the all-new Outback has registered scores in all four assessment areas that stand above the minimum threshold required for five star rating. Notably, the Outback attained the highest score in both Safety Assist*2 and Vulnerable Road Users*3 across all vehicle classes according to the latest applicable test.

The all-new Outback (European model), which has been launched to the market in 2021 and won the Euro NCAP five star award this time, features the new generation EyeSight Driver Assist Technology with an expanded viewing angle and enhanced functions. The Outback has also refined its collision safety. For the purpose of reducing damage not only to the occupants of own vehicle but also to the collision partner vehicle in the event of a collision, a second load path structure*4 has been adopted. Moreover, the Outback features Post Collision Brake Control for the first time in Subaru and the system reduces the risk of multiple accidents by automatically applying brakes and decelerating the vehicle in the event of a collision. The Outback’s Euro NCAP five star award demonstrates the effectiveness of Subaru’s continuous efforts to enhance vehicle safety.
The all-new Legacy Outback (Japan model), which pre-orders in Japan started on September 2, 2021, also features the same second load path structure and Post Collision Brake Control as European model does.

Pursuing the goal of “delivering happiness to all,” Subaru will continue to enhance safety through its primary, driving, passive, preventive, and newly-added connected safety technologies under its “all-around safety” principle, which underpins enjoyment and peace of mind for all drivers and passengers. Through these efforts, we aim to achieve zero fatal road accidents*5 by 2030.

*1: An independent agency composed of European governments and European motoring and consumer organizations
*2: Subaru Outback Safety Assist score: 95% of latest Euro NCAP assessment Protocol (2020-2022) according to the latest applicable Safety Assist test
*3: Subaru Outback Vulnerable Road Users Protection score: 84% of latest Euro NCAP assessment Protocol (2020-2022) according to the latest applicable Vulnerable Road Users test
*4: A body structure that disperses the crash impact through additional load path
*5: Zero fatal road accidents among occupants of Subaru vehicles and people who collided with Subaru vehicles including pedestrians and cyclists


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