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January 10, 2020

All-New Subaru Levorg Prototype STI Sport Showcased

Tokyo, January 10, 2020 – Subaru Corporation today showcased the all-new Levorg Prototype STI Sport at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020.

The all-new Levorg is a performance wagon taking full advantage of Subaru’s latest technologies. With this vehicle, Subaru envisions creating “a future that everyone can enjoy driving at their fullest, at their will” in an era where autonomous driving technology is widely spreading.

For all its customers who put faith in the brand, Subaru is developing the all-new Levorg with the aims of “realizing a future where everyone can truly enjoy driving in a car that enriches the life of the customer.”

Based on Subaru’s “Grand Touring philosophy,” which is pursued among engineers to develop a car that allows the driver and passengers to ”go further with more comfort, safety and enjoyment that makes them feel like time is flying,” the all-new Levorg features various cutting edge technologies and has been developed as a symbolic model of the new generation of Subaru.

The all-new Levorg Prototype STI Sport showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 is a model opens up the future of Subaru’s driving performance, with Subaru and STI working together to further enhance the driving performance of the all-new Levorg.

The all-new Levorg Prototype STI Sport features electronically controlled dampers for the first time in Subaru. These dampers enable the vehicle to deliver quality feel and sporty feel in driving, both at the very high level. It also employs another Subaru-first “Drive Mode Select” system, which allows the driver to select the driving characteristics of the vehicle with just a push of a button, depending on driver’s preference and mood. The system controls setting of power unit, steering, dampers and AWD system. With this system, the car can provide more engagement and enjoyment to driver.

All-New Levorg Prototype STI Sport


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