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September 25, 2019

Subaru Exhibition Outline of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

- All-New Second Generation Levorg Prototype to Make World Debut -

Subaru Corporation today announced its exhibition outline of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 (Press Days: October 23-24, 2019; General Admission: October 25- November 4). Subaru will showcase its future vision of “There will be cars that can make our lives even better” through the vehicles on display and its entire booth.

Subaru President Tomomi Nakamura will hold a press conference on Wednesday, October 23 from 14:00 at the Subaru booth (AOMI Exhibition Halls). Video of the press conference will be posted on

A special webpage ( will be set up on the Subaru official website, where information about the Subaru exhibition will be posted.

All-New Levorg Prototype

< Key Subaru models to be exhibited at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 >

All-New Levorg Prototype World Premiere
WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition Prototype Special Edition Model
Impreza Sport 2.0i-S EyeSight Facelift, To be officially announced in October
SUBARU XV Advance (e-BOXER model) Periodical update, To be officially announced in October
Forester Advance (e-BOXER model) Current model
SUBARU BRZ GT300 Super GT Series entry

< Exhibition Outline >

◆ All-New Levorg Prototype

Subaru will unveil the all-new second generation Levorg for the first time in the world. The original Levorg debuted in 2014.
Taking full advantage of its latest technologies, Subaru envisions “a future that everyone can enjoy driving at the full, at their will” with this all-new Levorg prototype, in an era where autonomous driving technology is widely spreading.
A special webpage ( will be set up on the Subaru official website, where information about the all-new Levorg will be posted.

◆ WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition

Subaru will end production of the “EJ20” horizontally-opposed engine, which has been one of the main power units since its debut in 1989, by the end of March 2020. Consequently, it will stop taking orders for the current WRX STI model equipped with EJ20 engine and sold in Japan market by the end of the calendar year 2019. A special edition WRX STI “EJ20 Final Edition”, which the prototype of the model will be showcased at Tokyo Motor Show, has been developed to commemorate the history of EJ20 engine.
Started with the first generation Legacy in 1989, EJ20 engine has been used on a wide variety of Subaru models and also powered racing cars competed in world class competition such as World Rally Championship, Nürburgring 24 Hour Race and so on. “EJ20 Final Edition” features special items such as a balanced EJ20 engine and gold-painted BBS 19-inch alloy wheels to commemorate the last model that uses the EJ20 engine which has powered a series of Subaru models.
A special webpage ( will be set up on the Subaru official website, where information about the WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition will be posted.
(Note: WRX STI models with EJ20 engines are currently sold in Japan only. STI models sold in overseas markets are powered by different types of engines and production of those engines will continue.)

WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition Prototype

◆ Impreza Sport 2.0i-S EyeSight

Three years after its debut, the fifth generation Impreza has received major update including redesigned front bumper and headlights as well as improved driving performance with retuned suspension. With standard EyeSight Touring Assist across the line, the overall safety of Impreza has also been improved.

Impreza Sport 2.0i-S EyeSight

◆ SUBARU XV Advance

As a crossover SUV, SUBARU XV integrates urban feel exterior design, go-anywhere capability and superior safety performance. With this year’s update, Subaru will offer more trim levels of SUBARU XV powered by e-BOXER, a power unit combining the Subaru’s signature Boxer engine with an electrification technology. With e-BOXER, it brings enjoyment in a variety of scenes, from city driving to rough road driving, through responsive throttle and linear acceleration thanks to the power assist from an electric motor. In addition to improved overall safety thanks to standard EyeSight Touring Assist, SUBARU XV also gained rough road capability enhancement with updated X-MODE with two drive mode configuration.



SUBARU VIZIV* Adrenaline Concept is the first concept vehicle designed under the new design philosophy “BOLDER” which emphasizes key elements of the Subaru design language in a bolder way. Combining utility that supports active lifestyles with off-road driving capability that delivers enjoyment to go anywhere, the VIZIV Adrenaline Concept stimulates the driver’s mind and encourages them to “drive freely in mother nature.” The VIZIV Adrenaline Concept was first unveiled at Geneva International Motor Show 2019.

*: VIZIV is a coined word originating from the phrase “Vision for Innovation.”



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