December 26, 2023

Subaru Corporation Signs "National Park Official Partnership" Agreement
with Japan's Ministry of Environment

- Aiming to contribute to the vitalization of national parks in Japan and the promotion of their appeal through Subaru's "Cherishing Every Life Project” -

Tokyo, December 26, 2023 – Subaru Corporation entered into a “National Park Official Partnership” with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and participated in the signing ceremony attended by Shintaro Ito, Minister of the Environment on December 21, 2023.

LOGO (Left) Shintaro Ito, Minister of the Environment (Right) Akihiro Kato, Vice President, Senior General Manager of Japan Sales & Marketing Div., Subaru Corporation
(Left) Shintaro Ito, Minister of the Environment
(Right) Akihiro Kato, Vice President, Senior General Manager of Japan Sales & Marketing Div., Subaru Corporation

The "National Park Official Partnership" is a program in which the Ministry of the Environment, companies and organizations work together to promote the beautiful landscapes of Japan's world-renowned national parks and the unique experiences they offer, in order to attract more visitors to these national parks from Japan and around the world. The program aims to foster a greater understanding of natural environment conservation and contribute to the vitalization of the local communities where these national parks are located. Eight new partner companies and organizations participated in this 12th signing ceremony, bringing the total number of official partners to 137.

With the background of having the DNA of an aircraft manufacturer, Subaru has always prioritized safety in "People-Centered Monozukuri (Manufacturing)" and placed importance on "Protecting Lives.”
With this commitment as its core, Subaru has launched the "Cherishing Every Life Project,” an initiative involving collaboration between customers, dealers, Subaru and local communities.
Under the project’s two themes - the irreplaceable "life of a human being" and "life of nature," such as the rich forest plants and creatures that we wish to cherish – Subaru supports those who share its passion and are committed to protecting these lives and passing them on to a future full of smiles.

As part of its efforts to protect “life of nature" under the "Cherishing Every Life Project,” Subaru has entered into the National Park Official Partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, which is responsible for the management of national parks in Japan, with the aim of linking Subaru's support for partner organizations and participation in joint activities with them with the promotion of national parks and their unique appeal.

Subaru is currently working with organizations that manage national parks in its activities to protect "life of nature". To support the efforts of the Shiretoko Nature Foundation (based in Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido; Director: Ryosuke Murata), which operates mainly in Shiretoko National Park, and the Natural Parks Foundation (based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Executive Director: Yoichi Kumagai), which manages 15 national parks throughout Japan, Subaru has provided special vehicles to help them carry out their daily activities safely. Subaru also plans to hold events at Nasu Heisei-no-Mori Forest in Nikko National Park in 2024 for Subaru customers to enjoy nature.

In pursuit of the goal of "Delivering Happiness to All," the Subaru Group has established six priority areas for CSR - People-Centered Car Culture, Resonance and Coexistence, Peace of Mind, Diversity, Environment, and Compliance - and is promoting sustainability on a Group-wide and global basis under the Subaru Global Sustainability Policy. Going forward, Subaru will continue to pursue sustainable growth as a truly global company while contributing to the realization of an enjoyable and sustainable society.

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