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August 4, 2022

Notice Regarding Completion of Payment for Disposal of Own Shares
as Restricted Stock Compensation

Representative: Tomomi Nakamura, Representative Director, President and CEO
(Securities code: 7270; Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market)
Contact for inquiries: Yasushi Nagae, Vice President
and General Manager of Investor Relations Department

Subaru Corporation (the “Company”) hereby announces that payment procedures were completed on August 4, 2022, as follows for the disposal of its own shares as stock compensation that was resolved by its Board of Directors, pursuant to Article 370 of the Companies Act of Japan and Article 29 of the Articles of Incorporation (written resolution in lieu of a Board of Directors meeting) on July 8, 2022. For more information on this matter, please refer to “Notice Regarding Disposal of Own Shares as Restricted Stock Compensation” announced on July 8, 2022.

Overview of Disposal of Own Shares

(1) Class and number of shares to be disposed 56,167 shares of common stock of the Company
(2) Disposal price ¥2,446 per share
(3) Total value of share disposal ¥137,384,482
(4) Grantees of shares and number thereof;
  number of shares to be granted
The Company’s Directors (excluding Outside Directors)
 5 persons, 20,848 shares
Corporate vice presidents
 17 persons, 35,319 shares
(5) Payment date August 4, 2022


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