May 18, 2004

Subaru to introduce next-generation diagnosis system
~Newly developed driving recorder device is equipped~


  Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a Japanese auto manufacturer known for Subaru, will equip its affiliated dealers in Japan and overseas with a next-generation diagnosis system called “Subaru Select Monitor III (SSMIII),”starting from August this year. The carmaker aims to improve dealers’ diagnosis ability through quick and proper inspection of electronic control systems installed in vehicles, thereby providing Subaru car users with highly satisfying after-market services.

  The SSMIII consists of a communications unit called “Subaru Diagnostic Interface (SDI)” [size: 134(W)×174(H)×52.5(D)mm] that communicates with an electronic control unit (ECU) installed in the vehicle and diagnosis software called “SSMIII Software,” which will be installed in a commercially available personal computer. Using a commercially available personal computer enables diagnosis software applications, which have been supplied in a special cartridge for each vehicle model separately, to be supplied in a CD-ROM, making latest data available at lower prices and significantly improving the user-friendliness and indication functions of the system. In addition, the system is equipped with not only the existing diagnosis tester but also a newly developed driving data recorder that accurately diagnose the control status of the engine and automatic transmission by collecting inspection data during vehicle operation.

<Other new functions>
・  The system can communicate at a speed up to ten times faster than that of conventional vehicle communications systems, enabling detection of phenomena in more detail than ever.
・  Use of a personal computer enables long-time inspection data measurement and detailed inspection data analysis.
・  The customize function memorizes favorite indication settings of each mechanic.
・  The system harmonizes with the CAN Diagnosis Communications(*), which will be legislated in 2007.

  In addition, the improvement of the diagnosis software enables system extensions that flexibly accommodate new technologies and market needs. FHI plans to equip the system with additional functions, such as simultaneous measurement and indication of analog measurement data and ECU data, and diagnosis with support guide that collaborates with the service manual. FHI also plans to provide new after-market services utilizing the information communications network, such as providing software updates via the Internet and enabling the carmaker to conduct detailed diagnosis of inspection data provided by dealers through Subaru’s dedicated communications lines.

  Currently, FHI’s affiliated dealers have more than 5,000 units of the Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) handheld diagnosis tool, which was developed in 1997.

(*)CAN Diagnosis Communications:
  The CAN communications technology is a data communication conforms to the Controller Area Network (ISO-compatible). It can communicate at a speed 50 times than that of the conventional vehicle communications technology, and exchange data among multiple electronic control units via one single communications line.





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