May 23, 2003
Subaru Introduces the All-New Legacy

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a global manufacturer of transportation and aerospace-related products, and the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced the domestic release of the Legacy series, comprised of the Station Wagon (Touring Wagon) and the Sedan (B4). The company has immediately begun to sell the Station Wagon models through its Subaru dealerships nationwide. The sedans will go on sale in Japan starting June 23.

The new Legacy has been developed on the concept of integrating responsive driving, superb functionality, and outstanding beauty. With a Horizontally-Opposed Engine and the symmetrical layout of the pistons around the central crankshaft as core features, the new generation Legacy’s power train performance has been further enhanced. FHI engineers have pursued the realization of the essence of the Grand Touring Car, and the new Legacy represents Subaru’s ambition to achieve truly global performance levels in a Grand Touring Car born in Japan.

Although traditional Legacy design elements are inherited, the new Legacy’s design, engine, chassis, and body construction have been entirely altered, as engineers developed the new generation series with the goals of building in driving pleasure, beauty, and moving experience. Environmental concerns have been also taken into consideration in the Legacy’s technological advances: specifically, making the vehicle substantially lighter in weight.

FHI also introduced the Legacy Station Wagon TransCare: Wing Seat, which comes with a rotating front passenger seat adapted for the handicapped. The company plans to introduce the CNG (compressed natural gas) Sedan to the market in one year.

Staton Wagon 2.0 GT Sedan 2.0 GT
Station Wagon 2.0 GT
(Dark glass or Clear view package is optional.)
Sedan 2.0 GT
(Dark glass or Clear view package is optional.)

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