October 11, 2002
Fuji Heavy Industries Exhibits a Variety of Commercial Vehicles
at the 36th Tokyo Motor Show, Commercial Vehicles 2002

�@ Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a global manufacturer of transportation and aerospace-related products and the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced its lineup of commercial vehicles to be displayed at the 36th Tokyo Motor Show, Commercial Vehicles 2002, which will be held at the Makuhari Messe from October 29 through November 3, 2002. Under the show's theme, "Expanding our capabilities for a better future," FHI will present a wide variety of models based on the Subaru Sambar mini-truck, as well as other commercial vehicles and new technologies. The Subaru booth has been designed to demonstrate the full array of Subaru commercial vehicles, which promises great potential for mobility and enriched life experiences.

�@ The Sambar, characterized by a full-sized cab and rear-mounted engine layout, offers both spacious, accessible cargo space and a comfortable cabin despite its compact body. It also presents superb qualities for a commercial vehicle: excellent driving performance and a comfortable ride through the use of four-wheel, independent suspension; greatly improved safety through ring-shaped reinforcement frames within its chassis structure, which absorb crash impact effectively; plus a wide variety of available options.

�@ The Subaru booth at the show will highlight many prototype variations of the Sambar series, reflecting its versatility and utility. Included in the display will be the Sambar Sport Truck for work and leisure, and the Sambar Van CNG, which is fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) and travels a long distance on one refill. The new Sambar series, which was introduced in Japan in September, will also be exhibited in a way that visually demonstrates the various situational uses for each model.

�@ At the Tokyo show, FHI will operate a driving simulator for attendees to experience Subaru's vehicle safety systems. In addition, the Subaru booth will display an eco-friendly garbage collection and separation vehicle, the CVSR, as well as other exhibits and panels that illustrate FHI's state-of-the-art technologies and corporate citizenship activities.

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Major Subaru Attractions at the Tokyo Motor Show 2002, Commercial Vehicles
[Reference vehicles]
Sambar Sport Truck
By capitalizing on the Sambar Truck's passenger-car levels of comfort, quietness, cabin space, and smooth driving performance, the Sport Truck has been designed as a light mini-truck to accommodate a versatile range of uses from commuting and work to recreational pursuits. While retaining the functionality of a truck, it features sporty, rugged exterior design and a colorful, modern interior. A stereo audio system and a sporty bucket driver seat have been installed to augment comfortable driving.
Sambar Van CNG
The van is equipped with a CNG tank of up to 100 L in capacity together with an AWD system in a compact body, yet it doesn't sacrifice cargo space, thanks to its rear-mounted engine layout and its chassis frame structure. It can run 400 km on a single CNG refill, the longest distance of any CNG-fueled vehicle, despite its AWD mechanism. As in the Legacy B4 CNG , the van comes with a CNG electronic fuel-injection system, which helps reduce emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. The Sambar Van CNG boasts environmentally kinder emission levels: less than 50% of Japan's Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) standards set forth by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which call for an additional 75% emission reduction from FY2000 exhaust emission levels.
Sambar new refrigerated truck
The new prototype of the Sambar refrigerated truck features a spacious, easy-to-access cargo area, which is made possible by its rear-engine layout, allowing the refrigeration unit to be placed below the floor space in the middle of the truck. In small conventional refrigerated trucks, the refrigeration unit is normally stored inside the cargo room.
Sambar low-bed insulated truck
By using the under-floor space in the middle of the truck for cargo space, this Sambar truck facilitates uploading tall cargo items, and its design increases accessibility to and from the cargo space, since workers can walk onto the truck floor. The truck's insulated cargo area for frozen and low-temperature items is lined with anti-bacterial stainless steel sheets. And with the adoption of a newly developed collapsible sliding door on the side of the cargo truck, effective loading and unloading of cargo in limited workspace is enhanced.
Sambar truck for disaster relief
This model accommodates either a fire-fighting pump or a purification system for drinking water on its truck bed. This truck has been developed for use in disaster areas, because it can be used either as a fire-fighting pump truck or as a drinking water supply truck when water sources are near.
Pleo van with adoptive equipment for disabled drivers
The Pleo van is equipped with a hand control system for a handicapped driver to drive with hands alone. Being compact with excellent maneuverability, it helps disabled drivers to gain mobility and lead active lives.
Convenience Store Recycler (CVSR)
Debuting in March 2002 in Japan, the CVSR garbage collection truck automatically sorts out biodegradable garbage from packaging and other materials. It has been used to collect expired packaged foodstuffs that are destined for disposal from convenience stores and supermarkets. According to FHI's testing, the CVSR's rate of accurate separation is as high as 99.6%, measured by weight. This vehicle not only contributes to the recycling of packaging materials and the creation of fertilizer from biodegradable garbage, but it also helps reduce the workload of separating trash and packaged foods.
Driving simulator
Developed by FHI's Aerospace company, the driving simulator with a 6-axis, motion base system enables realistic driving experiences, including those of Subaru's safety features like the Active Driving Assist (ADA) system, which assists a driver by monitoring with a 3-D stereo camera to give distance warnings about traffic ahead, a warning to help keep the vehicle in its lane, and other functions. The Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) prevents a vehicle from going in a skid and helps it maintain stable posture.
[Other vehicles on display]
Sambar Truck
Sambar VB Panel Van
Samber Van
Sambar Dias
Sambar Dias Wagon (passenger-car)
Sambar Automatic Lifter (adapted for the handicapped)
Sambar Dump Truck "Kaminari"
Sambar low-bed container truck with a removable canvas tarp (adapted for "Akabo")
Legacy Touring Wagon Wing Seat lift type (adapted for the handicapped)
Baja (North American model)


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