January 21, 2002
Subaru Introduces Legacy Touring Wagon GT30 and B4 Sedan RS30

�@Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a global manufacturer of transportation and aerospace-related products and the maker of Subaru automobiles, today introduced two new Legacy models, the Touring Wagon GT30 and the B4 sedan RS30, both powered by the EZ30, 3-liter, horizontally opposed, 6-cylinder DOHC engine. The GT30 and the RS30, fitted with the low-gravity, compact, EZ30 engines, were developed as sports models to carry on the established reputation of the Legacy Touring Wagon series for responsive driving and to augment the acclaimed stability and maneuverability of the Legacy B4 sedans. By adopting improved suspension specifications that provide greater strength and stiffness and a power steering system that promises natural handling, the two new models incorporate an agile, sporty drive with excellent driving comfort at an even higher level.

�@The GT30 and the RS30 also come with improved safety features. Driver and passenger safety at crash impact has been further increased with the installation of SRS Dual Airbags and SRS Side airbags, as well as through pretensioners and force limiters in the front seat belts and pretensioner mechanisms in the driver's seatbelt buckles. In addition, the GT30 and RS30 models have been certified as Excellent Low Emission vehicles (E-LEV) by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which requires that exhaust emissions be reduced by an additional 50% from levels approved under Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations. The two new Legacy models have also met the 2010 fuel economy standards* that were set in 1999 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

*RS30 models over 1,520 kg in weight meet the 2010 fuel economy standards.

�@FHI projects around 800 combined monthly sales after making the GT30 and RS30 available at Subaru dealers in Japan.

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Main features of GT30 and RS30
1. Engines and transmissions
Smooth engine startup and consistent delivery of torque at high revolutions are available through improvements made to the powerful EZ30 engine. The bore diameter of the throttle chamber has been increased, and the chamber's inside surface has been redesigned in a spherical shape. In concert, the accelerator cable lever has been altered to reduce the throttle opening during times when the driver lightly steps on the accelerator.
Through a change in the cam profile to boost engine revolutions, the automatic transmission shift schedule has been optimized, thereby improving acceleration performance at high speeds.
The slip-control lock-up torque converter in the automatic transmission has been adjusted to provide lock-up capability at lower engine revolutions than in previous Legacy models, thereby further improving fuel efficiency.
Superior directional control in cornering and excellent in-line stability have been realized by the electronically controlled VTD-AWD (variable torque distribution) system.
A new AARi (angular adjusted-roller improved) low-friction axle shaft joint that connects to the transmission has been added, further reducing levels of vibration.
2. Chassis and car bodies
Corner-reinforcing cross members have been integrated into a single body and enlarged, improving strength and driving stability while reducing vibrations.
Cross member connections to the front frame have been reinforced for a strengthened chassis and improved steering response.
Brackets in the rear sub-frames have been enhanced to strengthen the chassis and improve cornering stability.
Installation of Bilstein-made inverted strut-type front suspensions and Bilstein-made dampers and a reduction of the shock absorbers' damping force compared with other Legacy turbo models have perfectly balanced driving stability and riding comfort, and overall riding pleasure has been enhanced.
The power steering system, equipped with a newly designed steering gear box, features a mechanism that is sensitive to engine revolutions as well as improved pumping characteristics, which together deliver highly responsive steering performance.
Low-noise tires give a comfortable ride thanks to improvements made in tread-block patterns and internal structures.
3. Exterior and interior features
High Intensity Discharge (HID) low-beam headlights are standard equipment, and a gleaming front grille features sharp, horizontal-line styling. The RS30 comes with newly designed fog-lamp garnish.
White-type side marker lenses have been adopted on both models.
The color of the aluminum alloy wheels were specifically chosen to express strength and quality.
The GT30's rear combination lamps and finisher panel in darker, tinted colors stress an understated elegance.
With the change to a brighter-colored, chrome-plated rear emblem and logos, both models exude high quality.
Sporty, high-quality seats that combine leather and closely knit fabric have been integrated into the interior.
Wood grain patterns in subdued colors adorn the instrument panel, switch caps, and door switch panels.
Sharp looks have been enhanced by titanium-colored, chrome plating on the hand-brake button, the AT shift-lever cap, and the steering wheel center component.
Genuine leather seats, which are a factory option, are flat seats that allow easy access in and out of the car.
Both models come with a swirl-type horn that emits a highly effective, high quality sound.
Indoor-noise insulation materials have been applied behind the instrument panel and under the floor mats to further improve the quiet of the interior.
4. Safety
In addition to SRS Dual Airbags, SRS Side Airbags are also standard equipment to protect front passengers' torsos in side crashes.
Pretensioners and load limiters have been fitted with the front seatbelts. The driver's seatbelt also has pretensioner mechanisms in its buckles to pull in and lock the belt firmly. This device helps improve the seatbelt's functioning to firmly hold the driver.
Suggested Retail Price, excluding consumption tax, in Yen (thousands)
Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT30 (sold in Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka): 3,028 - 3,583
Subaru Legacy B4 RS30 (sold in Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka): 2,758 - 3,203


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