October 23, 2001
Fuji Heavy Industries Develops Prototype of Traviq with All-Wheel Drive Systems
-- Warranting the title of GM's Center of Expertise (CoE) for AWD technology --

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a global manufacturer of transportation and aerospace-related products and the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced that it has successfully developed a prototype of the all-wheel drive (AWD) Subaru Traviq, which was originally designed by General Motors (GM) as a new seven-passenger, front-wheel-drive vehicle. The FHI redesign is the latest example that illustrates its key role within the alliance with GM as the GM group's Center of Expertise* (CoE) for cutting-edge AWD technology.

FHI accomplished a sophisticated redesign in the conversion of the front-engine, front-wheel drive, compact yet roomy Subaru Traviq into an AWD prototype. The converted Traviq retains all its original utility and interior and exterior design features, as well as its major structural body panels and components. An effective conversion has been made possible by full application of FHI's advanced AWD technology, such as the multi-link rear suspension systems from the Subaru Legacy model, together with power-take-off, a four-joint propeller shaft, and electromagnetic coupling. By minimizing the addition of weight and other noncritical modifications in the conversion, the AWD Traviq prototype retains its excellent stability and maneuverability and now provides superior traction on wet and slippery roads. The new Traviq continues to ensure a pleasant, low-vibration ride with no higher noise levels than in the original front-wheel drive version.

Given the success of the complex conversion of the Traviq to AWD, FHI is confident that the company will continue to collaborate technologically within the GM group and to play a significant role in the marketing of AWD systems. While it has no plans to commercialize the AWD Traviq prototype, the company is continuing its research and development to further enhance the capabilities of advanced AWD systems. In its role as CoE for AWD systems, FHI's R&D will also contribute to the GM group in their mutual pursuit of active safety.

Major specifications of the AWD Traviq and comparisons

�@ AWD Traviq Original Traviq used for conversion
Length x width x height 4315 mm x 1740 mm x 1650 mm 4315 mm x 1740 mm x 1630 mm
Weight 1570 kg 1470 kg
Engine Z22 inline 4-cylinder DOHC (2198 cc) Same
Transmission Electronically controlled 4-speed AT Same
Drivetrain Full-time AWD Front-wheel drive
Suspension Front: McPherson strut-type
Rear: Multi-link
Front: McPherson strut-type
Rear: torsion beam-type trailing-arm

NOTE: *Center of Expertise (CoE) is a strategic functional approach within the GM group under which a focused area of expertise or technology is concentrated in one central location in order to carry out R&D, marketing, and other activities efficiently and effectively.


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