September 14, 2001
GM, Suzuki, Fuji Heavy Industries, Isuzu to work together on e-Business in Japan

TOKYO -General Motors Corporation, Suzuki Motors Corporation, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd and Isuzu Motors Limited have announced that they will work together to develop e-business synergies and leverage Internet-based technologies, through an online automobile buying service.

This is the first time the four automotive alliance partners have agreed to work together in one area of business.

In order to jointly manage this business, GM, Suzuki, and Fuji Heavy Industries have established a new company, "Japan AutoWeb Services Inc." The first fruit of this is BuyPower Japan, which was launched today. BuyPower Japan is an online automotive shopping engine that allows consumers to search, select, configure and request the price of any GM, Suzuki, Subaru or Isuzu passenger vehicle sold in Japan. Together the four companies have seven brands in Japan - Cadillac, Saab, Opel, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Subaru and Isuzu.

With BuyPower Japan, online customers will be able to choose from 65 vehicle models in 179 variations from micro-mini cars to luxury imported cars, and will be referred to their nearest participating dealer from whom they will receive personalized service. Customers will also be able to save their search results on personalized Web pages and obtain useful automotive-related information. BuyPower Japan can be accessed at

The companies chose to collaborate as the GM Alliance Partner Group on e-business initiatives to take advantage of the incredible opportunity the Internet offers to reach new and existing customers, to enhance the way they do business and to create new opportunities to grow their businesses.

According to Mark Hogan, GM Group Vice President responsible for e-commerce, the new company has access to GM's global e-business experience and tools such as BuyPower and OnStar.

"Its challenge is to leverage existing and new Internet-based technologies into e-business solutions that address the needs of the sophisticated, Internet-savvy Japanese automotive consumer. Japan is the Internet giant of Asia. It has 47.08 million Internet users and last year accounted for 62 percent (US$9.5 billion) of regional e-commerce," he said.

According to Rudolph A. Schlais, GM Group Vice President and President and CEO of GM Asia Pacific: "This unprecedented move demonstrates the power of the alliances. Together GM, Suzuki, FHI and Isuzu are the number two automotive group in Japan with approximately 17 percent of the market. Together we have 12 million vehicles on the Japanese roads. This alone gives the new company a sizeable customer base in Japan."

GM has a 20 percent stake in Suzuki, a 20 percent stake in FHI and a 49 percent stake in Isuzu.

Company Profile
Company Name : Japan AutoWeb Services Inc.
Location : F Nissay Ebisu Building 3F, 3-16-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of Incorporation : September, 2001
Capitalization : 1.13 billion yen
Equity : GM (60.2%), Suzuki (19.9%), FHI (19.9%)
Number of Directors :
GM 3
Suzuki 1
Fuji Heavy Industries 1
Japan AutoWeb Services 1
Executive Directors : President & Chief Executive Officer: Takashi Matsui
Chief Financial Officer: Kenji Hamasaki
Chief Marketing Officer: Yasuo Maruta
Chief Information Officer: Nobutaka Buniu


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