October 16, 2000

Tokyo Motor Show SUBARU Presentation Information

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) is presenting the concepts and technologies used in developing its commercial vehicles such as the Subaru Sambar, its mini-commercial vehicle for the domestic market, under the theme "Subaru Commercial Vehicles - the Professional Choice" at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show.

FHI will demonstrate the Sambar's high load capacity, comfort, economy, safety and reliability levels - the most important requirements for commercial vehicles. At the same time, displays of a variety of Sambar versions including special show models and models intended for sale will demonstrate the high level of versatility across the series.

The Sambar series, the centerpiece of the Subaru stand at the motor show, is well received in the Japanese market as a good-natured commercial vehicle, providing a large cargo space and comfortable cabin with ample leg room thanks to its full-cab body. Furthermore, it benefits from good traction due to its rear-mounted engine layout, stable running ensured by its four-wheel independent suspension and a high degree of safety in the event of a collision courtesy of its chassis frame which has superior impact absorbency as well as its Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames.

Sambar Truck 'Green' Sambar Mobile Cafe

<Main Display Models>

Sambar Truck 'Green' (Show Model)

Based on the Sambar Truck which offers a spacious cargo area thanks to its full-cab body, it is equipped with a robust dump-type cargo bed created with natural wooden materials. The Sambar Truck 'Green' is a fashionable truck suitable for use at tourist farms, gardening shops, etc. with its unique design and wooden cargo bed that gets even more tasteful looking the longer it is used.

Sambar Care Car (Intended for sale)

This model is specially designed for caregivers who play an active role giving care services and comes equipped with such essential amenities for caregiving as hand-washing facilities and a stretcher. Furthermore, its loading space is fully lined with stainless steel and can be used independently for ultraviolet sterilization of used implements. Work time can be used more efficiently as tools can be sterilized in this area while heading to the next destination.

Sambar Low-bed Container Truck (Intended for sale)

This is a container truck designed for delivery of small packages. Loading for deliveries has been made easier by partially lowering the container floor, realizing more efficient use of the central cargo area-an advantage of the rear-mounted engine layout-while externally opening folding doors have been adopted for easy access to the inside of the container.

Sambar Mobile Cafe (Intended for sale)

This is a working vehicle which can function as a temporary mobile coffee stand selling soft drinks at the park or a place of entertainment. A foldable counter table and a side awning facing the sidewalk are equipped as well as cooking facilities in the vehicle to offer customers a relaxing space.

Forester Wing-seat Lift Type (Intended for sale)

It enables smooth and easy access for wheelchair-bound or elderly passengers by featuring a dedicated front passenger seat that can be manually turned and automatically moved up and down by remote control. The reclining system features 26 positions for the front passenger seat to ensure comfort on long drives or when taking a rest in the vehicle.

Sambar EV (Intended for sale) * Exhibited at the electric vehicle booth

Ease of use with wide internal space has been realized through the arrangement of the batteries and controllers by utilizing the rear engine layout. Furthermore, the same driving style as vehicles with automatic transmission has become possible by adopting a decelerator directly linked to the motor for the transmission, which creates a creep phenomenon, thus eliminating the need for a clutch. As a result, it has produced an easy-to-drive electric car with superior acceleration.
Maximum (rated) output / maximum torque: 40 (16) kW/103Nm
Transmission: Decelerator directly linked to the motor
Batteries: 60Ah 12V (20 batteries are located under the rear seat); total voltage: 240V
Driving distance per charge: 110km (10-15 modes)

<Other Display Models>

Sambar Panel Van for Akabou (Show model)
JA Sambar Truck (Show model)
Sambar Van (Already on sale)
Sambar Dias Wagon Classic (Already on sale)
Sambar Truck (Already on sale)
Pleo Van (Already on sale)
Legacy Touring Wagon (Already on sale)
Sambar Dump Truck 'Kaminari' (Already on sale)
Sambar Power Lift with Mini Crane (Already on sale)
Sambar Fire Engine (truck type) (Already on sale)
Sambar Refrigerator Slide Door Type (Already on sale)


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