The Subaru Group’s Priority Areas for CSR Resonance and Coexistence

Basic Concept

Subaru will become a company that is trusted by, and resonates and coexists with both individual customers and society as a whole by engaging seriously with their voices through greater person-to-person communication.

Why It Is Important to Us

At Subaru, when it comes to our business activities, we regard customers and local communities as some of our most important stakeholders. Over the years, Subaru has been sustained not only by our own efforts to put the customer first, but also by the efforts of many people in the communities where we do business. Subaru will form communities of resonance and coexistence to secure our sustainable growth as a company through routine communication, ensuring that our products and services resonate with and are trusted by our customers, and that Subaru’s corporate activities resonate with and are trusted by the local communities in which they take place.

The Process of Formulating the 6 Priority Areas for CSR