The Subaru Group’s Priority Areas for CSR Environment

Basic Concept

In order to pass on “The earth, the sky and nature,” Subaru’s fields of business, to future generations, we provide utmost care to the environment with our company-wide activities.

Why It is Important to Us

In FYE2018, Subaru revised its Environmental Policy, declaring that “The earth, the sky and nature” are Subaru’s fields of business, and made clear to strive for the coexistence with nature. These words encapsulate our desire to take the greatest possible care of ‘the earth, the sky and nature,’ since they are the fields in which our automotive and aerospace businesses – the pillars of our enterprise – operate. With the concept that sustainability of both society and Subaru only becomes possible with the existence of rich global environment, that is “The earth, the sky and nature,” the entire Subaru Group will make the greatest possible efforts to undertake global environmental conservation activities.

CSR Priority Areas Formulation Process

Continuous Efforts towards CSR: Environment