The Subaru Group’s Priority Areas for CSR Diversity

Basic Concept

The Subaru Group’s approach to promoting diversity has two key elements: offering products that respect diverse forms of market value, and respecting and reflecting the diverse values of all those who work for the Subaru Group.

Why It Is Important to Us

Most companies today face social demand for diversity among their employees and diverse ways of working. Subaru believes that continuing to offer products that contribute to increasing options for our customers and respecting diverse forms of market value will lead to sustainable growth for the company. Achieving this requires diversity of perspective among those who work for the Subaru Group. Diversity for Subaru therefore has two key meanings: diversity in products and diversity of employees. While pursuing diversity in products, Subaru will promote diversity among all those who work for the Subaru Group.

The Process of Formulating the 6 Priority Areas for CSR