The Subaru Group’s Priority Areas for CSR Compliance

Basic Concept

Subaru will become a company that operates in accordance with laws, regulations, and societal norms, ensuring that our focus on compliance as a priority permeates throughout and is practiced by all those who work for the Subaru Group.

Why It Is Important to Us

Having reflected on the previous lack of awareness of societal norms in the execution of our duties, flaws in our internal rules, and the inadequate understanding of laws and regulations relevant to our operations, Subaru is keenly aware of the need to change ways of thinking and completely reform Subaru’s corporate culture. Subaru will dedicate the whole of the Subaru Group to promoting initiatives focused on compliance as a priority, with the aim of ensuring that Subaru becomes a company that resonates with and inspires trust in our customers and all other stakeholders.

The Process of Formulating the 6 Priority Areas for CSR

Management: Compliance