Approach to Environmentally-conscious Procurement

The Subaru Group aims to achieve a sustainable society recognizing that working on improving environmental issues through business activities is an urgent social issue imposed on corporations and that we bear the responsibility to accomplish this. In regard to procurement, the environmental policies states that “Our purchasing activities reflect consideration for biodiversity and other aspects of environmental protection.” We promote the procurement of parts, materials, and services from business partners who implement business activities that consider the environment.

Fundamental Procurement Policy

Fundamental Procurement Policy

Subaru has been promoting procurement activities under the following basic policy.

  1. Compliance & Green Procurement
    We engage in procurement activities in a way to harmonize man, society and the environment and conduct transactions paying due care to observe legal and societal rules and to protect the environment.
  2. Establishment of Best Partnership
    We establish “WIN-WIN” relationships with suppliers through transactions based on mutual trust under the doctrine of good faith.
  3. Fair and Open Way of Selecting Suppliers
    In selecting suppliers, the door is wide-open to all firms, domestic and overseas, for fair and equitable business to procure goods and services most excellent from six perspectives: quality, cost, delivery, technical development, management and environment (QCDDME).

Green Procurement

Initiatives in Subaru

Subaru has summarized in the “Subaru Green Procurement Guidelines” its expectations for business partners regarding environmental initiatives. The guidelines primarily request cooperation in the following six areas:

  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Establishment of environmental management systems (EMS)
  • Submission of environmental manager registration forms
  • Improved in environmental performance of business partners
  • Management of environmentally hazardous substances related to parts, materials, and services
  • Reduction in environmentally hazardous substances in logistics

Compliance to these guidelines is considered a necessary criterion for selecting business partners. In addition, we recommend new business partners to acquire ISO14001. Currently, all of our Tier1 business partners have already acquired ISO14001 certification. In case our new business partners have difficulty acquiring ISO14001, we review their compliance status by having them submit reports on their voluntary assessment based on environmental guidelines, while supporting them with the acquisition of Eco Action 21.

Management and Reduction of Environmentally Hazardous Substances Contained in Parts

Subaru complies with laws and regulations concerning substances of concern in each country, including the REACH regulation and ELV Directive. We perform usage surveys regarding chemical substances contained in parts to our business partners as necessary and continue to perform management of those substances. In addition, we are sequentially switching from materials that are prohibited by laws, regulations, or self-regulation such as industrial norms to alternative materials and are working to reduce environmentally hazardous substances.

Procurement with Consideration for Biodiversity

Subaru surveys the usage status of the biological resources of leather and plant-derived materials to make sure that there is no negative impact on the environment during the procurement process. In addition, our main office has switched to regenerated copy paper with 100% recycled paper pulp that does not use any new plant resources and we plan to sequentially switch over at other facility as well.

Environmental Management System Request to Business Partners

Subaru requests based on the Green Procurement Guidelines that business partners formulate an environmental management system with the acquisition of ISO14001 third-party certification at its base. We request the business partners who have difficulty acquiring ISO14001 to acquire Eco Action 21 or to pass our voluntary examination. To those business partners who have passed our voluntary examination, we make inquiries or perform audits as necessary and request them to continue efforts toward early acquisition of third-party certification for environmental management.