Our Approach to Respect for Human Rights

Subaru states “We respect the rights and characteristics of individuals.” in the Corporate Code of Conduct. This is because our basic concept is to respect the diversity of employees, including gender, LGBT, age, nationality, and culture and lifestyle, and make efforts to establish safe and comfortable work environments in order to allow each employee to fully express their unique abilities.

Respect for Human Rights Initiatives

Activities to Raise Awareness of Human Rights

Subaru’s Conduct Guidelines clearly state “We do not unfairly discriminate on grounds of gender, LGBT, age, home town, nationality, race, ethnicity, beliefs, religion, social status, physical disability, disease or any other pretext.”

In order to raise awareness regarding the respect for human rights, we have introduced lectures on the importance of diversity and Subaru’s initiatives in the training course for new recruits and managers since FYE2016. In FYE2018, we held training 14 times with 514 employees attending.

Preventing Harassment

Subaru has compiled rules and guidelines aimed at preventing all kinds of harassment. To prevent workplace bullying, we prepared a Workplace Bullying Explanatory Booklet, which we have distributed to all employees (except for nonpermanent employees). We also posted it on our intranet. In addition, we distributed the Workplace Bullying Prevention Handbook, which compiles points to note in order to create a workplace free from workplace bullying, to all managers and supervisors.

As a contact in case of occurrence of harassment, Subaru established the Compliance Hotline for Harassment, as well as Harassment Contacts at the headquarters and at each office and plant. By creating a contact that workers can easily get in touch, Subaru tries to resolve problems without delay.

Building Positive Labor-Management Relations

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