Building Positive Labor-Management Relations

Subaru’s employees belong to the Subaru Labor Union. Out of a total of 15,561 employees, 13,827 employees belong to the labor union (as of October 1, 2017). There are also labor unions at sales companies and affiliates in Japan, and the Confederation of Subaru Affiliated Labor Unions (Subaru Rouren), which includes all these unions, has 25,487 members (as of October 1, 2017).

Subaru and its labor union hold a Labor and Management Council at least once a month for smooth corporate management and mutual communication, discussing issues such as management policy and overviews of business results, production, matters to do with sales, labor conditions, issues concerning work styles and other topics. Changes to operations that will have a significant impact on employees are, after due deliberations, communicated in advance to employees by both labor and management.

Labor-management relations in recent years have remained positive with the establishment of a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust through close communication.