Information Disclosure Philosophy

By disclosing information about our corporate strategy and activities in a fair, proper, and timely manner, Subaru seeks to increase the transparency of management and increases the understanding of Subaru on the part of our stakeholders, thereby building with them a relationship of trust.

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Information Publication for Employees

Every month, an in-house magazine is published for the purpose of sharing information on corporate policies and initiatives as well as boosting the motivation of employees and promoting communication. So far, we have published over 730 issues since the first printing in April of 1956. In February 2014, we began posting internal information on our intranet in an effort to provide information to employees on a broader and more timely basis.

We also have a means to promote direct communication with employees through periodical visits by management to each place of business and workplace.

In-house magazine “Shuho”

IR Information Disclosure

We are committed to timely and appropriate disclosure of business information in order to deepen the understanding of our shareholders and investors. We also strive for fair disclosure of information by promptly publishing all kinds of information on our website, including holding general meetings of shareholders, issuing reports for shareholders, and running briefing sessions for the media and analysts for each quarterly settlement.

Moreover, we offer an IR newsletter service to distribute the latest IR information, such as statement details, by email to those who register. Approximately 1,500 people are currently registered for the free IR newsletter service.

Follow this link for the latest IR information.

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Selected for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure by Securities Analysts Securities Analysts

We were ranked first in the Automobile/Parts/Tires industry area by The Securities Analysts Association of Japan in its FY2017 Awards for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure. It was the third year in a row that we received this award. We ranked highly, placing first out of 18 companies in our industry area in four of the five evaluation categories.

Logo of the Awards for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure

Awarded the IR Prime Business Award of Japan Investor Relations Association

We received the IR Prime Business Award in Japan Investor Relations Association’s 21st IR Award (FY2017) for the second time after three years.

We will further promote activities so that our shareholders and investors can further deepen their understanding of our company by continuing to provide high quality corporate information widely and fairly.

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Plant Tours for Shareholders

Subaru conducts plant tours for shareholders with the aim of deepening shareholders’ understanding of our management policies and corporate activities. During the tours, shareholders experience a Subaru production site, the employees working there, and our corporate culture directly. We also allocate time to a Q&A in which Subaru officers participate in order to achieve direct communication between shareholders and our company.

In FY2017, we had plant tours at Gunma Manufacturing Division’s Yajima Plant and Main Plant (14th time) and Tokyo Office’s research and development facilities (first time) in May 2017. The 63 shareholders (a total of 105 including their guests) participated in the Gunma Manufacturing Division’s tour, and we received many comments in regard to their recognition and understanding of “Subaru’s commitment toward safety performance”. The 37 shareholders (a total of 54 including their guests) participated in the Tokyo Office’s tour. Comments received include “I am satisfied that I could again experience Subaru technology and its attitude toward manufacturing,” and “I was happy to see the Subaru spirit displayed directly from the development team.”

We report the opinions and impressions we receive at the tours to the relevant people at the company, including officers, and utilize them in our future IR activities.

Plant tour for shareholders in FY2017