Note: Since this section contains the CSR report issued in August 2016, it uses the former company name (Fuji Heavy Industries).

Development of Automobile Culture and Road Safety

Traffic Safety Campaign

Traffic Safety Guidance (Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division)

As part of employee activities to improve traffic manners, we provided traffic safety guidance on roads near the manufacturing division site during commuting hours. As there are many different roads along which children commute to school in the vicinity of the division, employees carried out the activity twice yearly in April when new pupils start school and in September when pupils might be a little too carefree after the summer vacation.

Safe Motorcycle Driving Class (Tokyo Office)

The Tokyo Office held another safe motorcycle driving class in 2015 in cooperation with Mitaka Police Department. Forty trainees, including participants from outside the company, received instruction from police motorcyclists and instructors and worked enthusiastically to improve their driving techniques.

Efforts for Traffic Safety (Saitama Manufacturing Division)

Based on our philosophy that, “Strongly aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer of transportation equipment, we will work to reduce traffic accidents and strive for zero traffic infringements and traffic accidents,” the Saitama Manufacturing Division endeavors to raise our employees’ awareness of road safety and makes efforts to prevent traffic accidents. Moreover, the plant engages in such initiatives as announcement of the road safety activities that the Industrial Products Company is working on in the local area. These activities were recognized and received a commendation from the Saitama Prefecture Association for Safe Driving Supervisors in January 2014.

Furthermore, starting in FY2016, as the Industrial Products “town watcher,” we have been conducting traffic safety awareness activities and a greeting campaign twice a month at hazardous locations such as intersections on public highways alongside the Kitamoto Plant and the Okegawa Plant in order to prevent traffic accidents, raise awareness of safe driving and establish safety and peace of mind in the community.

Making Things, Fostering Human Resources

Gunma Prefecture Karakuri Innovation Fair

The 8th Gunma Prefecture Karakuri Innovation Fair was held at the Gunma Prefectural Office. A Karakuri Improvement Device manufactured by the Industrial Products Company at Fuji Heavy Industries was exhibited and demonstrated. The exhibit was enjoyed by many of the visitors to the fair from children to adults.

Cooperation with Community Learning and Local Exploration

We cooperated with community learning for 12 third graders from Niragawa Nishi Elementary School, Oda City next to the Gunma Manufacturing Division. The pupils toured the press plant observing the production process close up to the press machines, allowing them to experience how amazing the plant is.

Machi no Sensei Trade Fair

The 6th Machi no Sensei Trade Fair organized by the Ota Machi no Sensei Trade Fair Promotion Association was held at Yabuzuka Honmachi Elementary School. At the FHI booth, visitors were able to experience finishing work for the plate that shapes the Subaru marque while deburring with sandpaper. The venue was overflowing with the children’s enthusiasm as not only the children but also their parents and carers were engrossed in the work.

SUBARU's Contribution in the Local Area

Holding and Participating in Events

Ota Shibazakura (Moss Phlox) Festival (SUBARU Community Exchange Association)

The SUBARU Community Exchange Association conducted public relations activities at the Ota Shibazakura (Moss Phlox) Festival held in Ota City. We ran family-friendly events, including a raffle and bingo, and vehicle displays. Funds collected were donated to the city’s welfare facilities through the Social Welfare Council.

Ota City Sports and Recreation Festival (SUBARU Community Exchange Association)

The Community Exchange Association ran activities in a tent, including games for children and vehicle exhibits. We also supported the Subaru Marathon.

SUBARU Appreciation Festival (Gunma Manufacturing Division)

The SUBARU Appreciation Festival 2015 was held at the Yajima Plant of Gunma Manufacturing Division. The event attracted around 28,000 visitors, including family members of our staff, local area residents, associated companies and others. The festival staged various events, which included refreshment stands run by each workplace, a plant tour, and EyeSight experiences.

Friendship Festival (Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division)

In October 2015, we opened the South Plant in the Utsunomiya area to the public and held a Friendship Festival. Around 4,000 people took part, and we were able to deepen our interaction with local residents. As part of this, we carried out public relations for the CSR and environmental activities of the Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division in addition to distributing blueberry saplings in cooperation with Tochigi Environment and Green Promotion Organization to promote activities to expand the serenity of greenery.

Furthermore, we have held the Handa Friendship Festival in the Handa area since 2013. The objective is to gain understanding and appreciation for the Aerospace Company through the craftsmanship involved in the Boeing 777 and 787 center wings that the Handa Plant has produced. Around 1,800 people took part in the festival, including family members of our staff, government organizations from Handa and nearby corporations, as well as local residents.

Summer Evening Bon Dance Festival (Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division)

A grand Summer Evening Bon Dance Festival was held with an attendance of some 1,500 people, including people from local residents’ associations, women’s associations, children’s clubs and affiliated companies. This year marked the 29th time for the Bon Dance, which has been held since 1984, and it is an event that makes a major contribution to the community.

Summer Festival (Tokyo Office)

Starting with a parade by the Samba Club from the neighboring International Christian University, the Summer Festival in 2015 featured fun events including the annual lottery and presents for children, which were popular among visitors accompanied by children, and we were able to mingle with a great many people from the local area again this year.

Plant Tours

Subaru Community Exchange Association Plant Tour (Subaru Community Exchange Association)

The Subaru Community Exchange Association held a Traffic Safety Lecture and Plant Tour at the Subaru Visitor Center. 215 people attended and shown round the Yajima Plant and the visitor center after a traffic safety lecture by Ota Police Department.

Plant Tours to Link Children in with the Community

These activities began in FY2015 with a request from the Mayor and Board of Education of Kitamoto City for us to provide plant tours to line up with lessons being provided for third-grade elementary school pupils in Kitamoto City about work and life using the Saitama Manufacturing Division as a theme. In FY2016, we hosted 274 pupils from four schools in the city. The pupils, who had studied the process up to the finished engine in their textbooks beforehand, asked a lot of questions and could be heard saying that they would like to actually try the work.

Local Area Cleaning

The Subaru Community Exchange Association sponsored the 21st Kanayama Cleanup Volunteer Activity. In heat reminiscent of early summer, volunteers from Ota City and the city’s junior high schools took part in weeding around Kanayama Waterside Park and a cleanup in the area in cooperation with members of Subaru Community Exchange Association. Approximately 850 people took part on the day.

Blood Donation

Blood donations are conducted within Saitama Manufacturing Division twice a year in spring and autumn in cooperation with the blood donation drive promoted by Kitamoto City. In July 2013, we were selected by the Japan Red Cross Society as a company with over 15 years of continuous activities, and we received the only Silver Order of Merit in Kitamoto City. We will continue our efforts to enable contributions to society in the future.

Counter-terrorism and Anti-Disaster Measures

We held the Mitaka Partnership Workshop organized by the Mitaka Police Department at the Tokyo Office. The objective was to strengthen collaboration between FHI and the Mitaka Police Department, raise awareness of terrorism and natural disasters, and to promote counter-terrorism and anti-disaster measures. 65 people, including some from outside of FHI, attended, and we succeeded in sharing an awareness of crisis.

Sponsored and Supported Events

13th Subaru Gunma Prefecture Schoolchildren’s Rubber Ball Baseball Championship

We held the Subaru Gunma Prefecture Rubber Ball Baseball Championship in which junior baseball teams in each area of Gunma Prefecture participated. An intense competition unfolded among the children, and the venue brimmed with excitement.

Thespakusatsu Gunma All Subaru Special Match (Gunma Manufacturing Division)

We supported the opening game for soccer J2 League team Thespakusastsu Gunma with the title Gunma Manufacturing Division of Fuji Heavy Industries Presents the Gunma Prefecture All Subaru Special March, and specially produced blue club T-shirts were distributed to all the spectators. We were lucky with the weather on the day, and the Shoda Shoyu Stadium venue was filled with blue.

JAPAN CUP Cycle Road Race (Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division)

We have continuously supported the JAPAN CUP Cycle Road Race, Asia’s top cycle race, which is hosted by Utsunomiya City, as the main sponsor since 1990. We provide LEGACY and other models as team support cars for the event, which is held over two days and draws a crowd of approximately 125,000 spectators from inside and outside the prefecture.

Supporting Activities to Maintain the Environment

Green Fundraising

In November, contributions collected from employees working at the Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division were donated to the Prefecture Green Promotion Committees of Tochigi and Aichi Prefectures (cumulative donations: 5.61 million yen). First launched in 2000, this drive marked its 16th anniversary and was honored with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in FY2008 and a second Executive Director’s Award by the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization in FY2012.

Sports Activities

Intercity Baseball Tournament

2The 86th Intercity Baseball Tournament was held in July 2015, and our many years of community contribution, including baseball lessons were recognized at the opening ceremony with the receipt of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Minna no Genki Award.
We won an impressive victory 6-4 in the first round game against Nippon Express with 12,500 cheering supporters. Going on to the second round, we suffered a regrettable 0-2 defeat to Osaka Gas.

New Year Long Distance Relay Race

The New Year Long Distance Relay Race was held on New Year’s Day 2016. A hotly contested race in Gunma Prefecture unfolded between 37 teams from across Japan, and our track and field club met its goal, ranking 25th overall. On the day, many people waved Subaru flags roadside and cheered us on warmly.