Note: Since this section contains the CSR report issued in August 2016, it uses the former company name (Fuji Heavy Industries).

Development of Automobile Culture and Road Safety

Holding Subaru Road Safety Workshop

In October 2015, we held the Subaru Road Safety Workshop at STAR SQUARE, our headquarters’ showroom. The objective of the event was to deepen road safety awareness among children in the lower grades of elementary school. On the day, we ran a picture card video and four hands-on programs to make learning important points about safety fun.

Road safety class

Traffic Safety Campaign

Each of our business sites cooperates with the police and Safe Driving Supervisor Association to promote activities for traffic safety and road accident prevention, such as offering traffic safety guidance services in the school zones around the business sites and sticking reflective materials that help prevent nighttime traffic accidents to utility poles.

Left: Activity in Utsunomiya City to stick reflective materials that help prevent nighttime traffic accidents to utility poles
Right: Traffic safety support near schools next to the Saitama Manufacturing Division site

Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign

FHI has begun operating our “SUBARU Kids” to promote awareness of traffic safety among young people.

As a member of the traffic society we actively promote awareness among employees at each of our offices and plants by providing accident prevention meetings before long holiday seasons and other occasions.

“SUBARU Kids” site for children (Available only in Japanese)

Donating to KOTSUIJI IKUEIKAI and the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accident

We donated the proceeds from the Subaru Motor Sport Auction held at our headquarters’ showroom STAR SQUARE, the Subaru Thanksgiving held at the Gunma Manufacturing Division, and a charity bazaar held at the Tokyo Office to KOTSUIJI IKUEIKAI in September 2015 and to the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accident in March 2016. Our donations are mainly used to support the healthy development and education of children orphaned by automobile accidents.

Charity bazaar

SUBARU Visitor Center

First open to the public on July 15, 2003, the Subaru Visitor Center welcomes people who visit the Yajima Plant for tours of the facility and other reasons. Inside, visitors can view historic SUBARU models and cars that set world records, as well as learn more about SUBARU's unique technologies and environmental initiatives. In FY2016, 91,249 people came to see the facilities.

For a Plant Tour application (10 to 200 people) and detailed information on the Visitor Center, please refer to the link below. (Available only in Japanese)

SUBARU Visitor Center

Making Things, Fostering Human Resources

Visiting Environmental Classes

Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division offers visiting environmental classes to local elementary schools to deepen pupils' understanding of the environment. The classes target grade 5 pupils in the elementary school, and our employees visit the class as teachers to raise awareness about global warming and other environmental issues through experiments and talks. In FY2016, classes for 1,152 pupils were held at 15 schools.

In addition, starting in FY2014, we have widened the activities to elementary schools in Handa, Aichi Prefecture, where the Handa Plant is located. We held classes at ten schools for 565 pupils in FY2016 that included environmental workshops, lectures on how aircraft fly, FHI’s aircraft manufacturing history, introductions to products, and hands-on experience of aircraft materials.

Since commencing in 2006, the activities have been held at a cumulative total of 172 schools in the Utsunomiya and Handa areas for 12,003 pupils, becoming firmly established in the regions.

A class on the environment at an elementary school in Utsunomiya

Helping with Work Experience

The Saitama Manufacturing Division helps with the Career Challenge (work experience) that Kitamoto City runs as part of social studies. The pupils all undergo a three-day experience that includes engine assembly and parts production. In FY2016, the manufacturing division hosted 11 pupils.

Work experience

Running Ethics Classes for Junior High School Pupils

In February 2016, FHI employees ran ethics classes for 315 pupils at Tana Junior High School, Yokohama.

The classes, which were entitled “International Understanding Workshop,” were held in light of the school’s request to create “an opportunity to think about the state of daily life in Japan” by communicating to pupils experiences of life in Africa from employees who took part in the Subaru Rally Team Japan. Apart from the differences between African and Japanese culture and living environments, the employees talked about “What is a team leader?” “The Importance of Communication” and other topics, and the pupils listened with great interest.

SUBARU's Contribution in the Local Area

SUBARU Community Exchange Association

SUBARU Community Exchange Association is an organization which consists of our Gunma Manufacturing Division and its business associates with the purpose of promoting communication with Ota City and local residents to make the community a better place to live through local development.

FY2016 Major Activities

  • At “Flower-full Activity,” flower saplings were distributed (June, September, December)
    SUBARU Community Exchange Association member companies purchased and planted flower saplings in this activity. In September, flower saplings were distributed to elementary schools in Ota City, and we held an elementary school flower bed competition. In January, we commended the outstanding flower beds.
  • Charity Concert
    Jazz concert (Nitta Airys) in June, Christmas concert (Oizumi Bunka Mura) in December,
  • Charity and Friendship Golf Competition
    Held in July at Jobu Golf Club by member company volunteers

Charity Concert

At the “Friendship Concert” sponsored by the SUBARU Community Exchange Association, customers bring in their unneeded towels, soaps and other daily necessities for donations to the Welfare Council in the region.

Charity concert

For details, please access the website of the SUBARU Community Exchange Association. Ichitan Co., Ltd., Kiryu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Subaru Logistics Co., Ltd. are the member of the Association. (Available only in Japanese)

Local Area Cleaning

Left: Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division “Clean Campaign”
Right: Saitama Manufacturing Division “Fresh-clean Kitamoto, Leave It to Us” program

FHI is conducting clean-and-beautify your neighborhood activities by employees in the vicinity of each of our offices and plants. In FY2016, a cumulative total of approximately 4,800 employees took part.

We plan to continue these clean-and-beautify activities from now on.

Blood Donation

FHI holds regular blood donation drives at each of our business sites. In FY2016, a total of 1,251 employees from our business sites took part. We will continue to help as many people as possible with blood donation in the future.

Blood donation at the Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division

Fire Fighting Unit Performance Assessment

The FY2016 performance assessment of the firefighting units set up by the Fire Fighting Training Assessment Committee was conducted in the grounds of the Tokyo Office. The Fire Fighting Assessment Committee is a meeting where the fire fighting units formed at work sites over a certain size to fight fires and prevent disasters showcase the results of their routine training and activities.

By participating in the assessment at the Tokyo Office every year, the company aims to cultivate trainees and their speedy response in the event of a disaster.

Fire Fighting Unit Performance Assessment

Supporting Activities to Maintain the Environment

Cooperating in environmental maintenance activities around the Fuji Subaru Line

In September 2015, the Mt. Fuji Beautification Foundation (Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture) held the Mt. Fuji Clean up Campaign that works to clean up Mt. Fuji and raise awareness about beautification. FHI’s employees participated in the activity. We also donated ¥500,000 in activity funds as we did last year. In addition, we distributed original garbage bags that do not release toxic substances even when incinerated to local governments in the Fuji Hokuroku area.

Going forward, we will continue to work on this program as one of the core components of FHI’s social contribution activities.

Clean up activities
Original garbage bags that we distributed

Support of Volunteer Activities

The social contribution policy sets forth clearly the participation of each employee in social action programs as a citizen. The policy is intended to make employees conscious of the need for their proactive social contributions so that a culture to do something for society remains firmly rooted in the entire company.

As a specific example, an award system to honor employees who contribute to the community and society by actively volunteering was established in 2006. The 11th award ceremony was held in June 2016 and two employees were honored with the volunteer award.

The two employees who received the award (third and fourth from the left) and FHI officers