Approaches to Welfare Vehicles

Subaru aspires toward sharing the happiness and freedom of living through cars for everybody. We are working to develop and increase the popularity of welfare vehicles so that people with physical handicaps and the elderly can travel by car in comfort and with peace of mind.

“TRANSCARE Series”-from Standard-sized Cars to Mini Cars

SUBARU started producing and selling welfare vehicles for the disabled in 1980 and now is well known for the “TRANSCARE series.”

The TRANSCARE series offers a wide range of options, from standard-sized cars to mini cars. We aim to develop vehicles that provide comfortable driving for both people who are in care and for care providers.

In FY2017, we added CHIFFON to the TRANSCARE series to enhance the lineup, and the new model Impreza has also stayed in the lineup.
We exhibited LEVORG TRANSCARE at “SUBARU STAR SQUARE,” our showroom at our Head Office so that many customers can actually experience its ride.

Going forward, we will continue promoting a range of efforts to enable even more customers to feel the “enjoyment and peace of mind” of SUBARU cars.

See videos for the TRANSCARE series here. (In Japanese only)

Number of TRANSCARE Series Sold