Our Approach to Quality

We actively deliver high quality products and services to impress customers through the establishment of quality policy in line with our customer first policy and a high level of integration of safety, enjoyment and environmental performance.

We have also established quality policies at affiliated companies in Japan and overseas in accordance with the business content of each company and regional characteristics, and affiliated companies practice quality control based on these policies.

Quality Policy (Established November,1994)

Subaru considers customer satisfaction as the first priority, and works constantly to improve products and services to provide world-class quality.

Product Quality Management System

  1. Establish Quality Management System (QMS) based on the Quality Policy and ISO 9001 Standard and put it into practice for orderly and effective operations.
  2. Clarify the quality targets acceptable to customers at the planning stage.
  3. Realize the quality targets through quality assurance activities at each stage from development to sales and service.
  4. Attend to complaints and requests from the market quickly and appropriately to live up to the trust of customers.

Operation of Quality Management Cycle

With Quality Management System, we work to assure quality in each process from design and development to sales as well as creating a cycle to create even higher quality products. In addition, we strive to work through this cycle swiftly in order to meet customer needs without any delay.

Quality Management Cycle

Creating a System Aimed at Improving Quality

We have established a quality improvement system centered on the Quality Assurance Division in order to analyze after-sales quality defects and customer requests to realize higher-quality development and production. We collect customers’ opinions from around the world and identify quality issues. In addition to investigating the cause of the quality issues, we frame countermeasures, which we deploy to the relevant in-house department and/or supplier.

In FY2017, in order to speed up our response to market issues, we optimized the organization of domestic/overseas quality improvement promotion departments (body/PU market quality section).

Quality Improvement System

Implementing Quality Control Training

We have developed a curriculum around quality control as part of employee education with the aim of upgrading the level of quality assurance and control. We not only provide education in line with the job grade of employees, but also training to develop quality control experts, individual programs for each business site and other educational programs.

Main curriculum around quality assurance

  • Introductory quality training: Quality Control Training (Introduction)
  • Education for instructors: Quality Control Training (Foreman)
  • Education for skilled occupations: Quality Control Training (Introduction/Foreman)
  • Other employees: open classes at each workplace

Response to Recalls

We are taking measures in response to recalls in order to prevent accidents and protect customers.

In the event of product defects, not only do we respond properly based on the laws and regulations of each country, but we also determine the specific details of our response by promptly establishing a committee structure for staff from departments involved in quality, including those outside of Japan, to investigate. Moreover, we send direct mails from our dealerships to affected customers to inform them that they can have their cars repaired free of charge.

In FY 2017, we had no cases of violating rules and regulations in regard to information provision on quality and safety.

Please refer to the our website for the details of our response to recalls.(In Japanese only)

Efforts at the Aerospace Company

Quality Management System Based on Aerospace Industry Standards

The Aerospace Company’ production activities are based on its policy of “Placing Safety and Quality First” in order to commit itself to playing its part on SUBARU brand.

Based on this policy, we have built and act under a quality management system that conforms to the JIS Q9100 quality management system standard for the aerospace industry.

In addition, we have quickly adopted into our Aerospace Company’s quality management system the Supplements to JIS Q 9100 (SJAC 9068) that were independently and jointly established by the Japanese aerospace and defense industries in order to prevent improper occurrences related to quality.

Efforts Aimed at Improving Quality

Subaru's Aerospace Company engages in a range of activities aimed at improving quality and preventing errors.

In addition to examining customer satisfaction and product quality from diverse angles at regular “Quality Meetings,” the Aerospace Company has designated November as the “Quality Month” each year, engaging in activities that include lectures, commendation of employees contributing to quality improvement and distribution of educational pamphlets to all employees. The lecture for FY2017 entitled Risk Management that Protects the Safety of Sky and Roles of the Leaders was presented by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who is a Risk management Specialist and Aviation Commentator and was once a JAL pilot. More than 500 people were involved including employees from assistant manager level and above, the company president and suppliers.

In addition, the Aerospace Company has an Improvement Suggestion System that aims to foster a year-round climate that allows employees to demonstrate their creativity independently and quality to be improved.

Lecture on quality

Efforts at the Industrial Products Division

Efforts Aimed at Improving Quality

At the Industrial Products Division, the Quality Control Committee consisting of all departments oversees the progress of quality targets every quarter of the year.

As for year-round initiatives, we designated November as the “Quality Month” each year, engaging in activities, such as inviting quality control slogans, in order to raise awareness among employees.
We also strive to improve quality by deploying quality education programs to each job grade.

Furthermore, in our efforts to further expand the use of our Quality Management System (QMS), since May 2017 we are seeking ISO 9001 certification as the Industrial Products Division group including our affiliated companies.