Our Approach to Customer Satisfaction Activities

The Subaru Group strives to put customers first in all business activities.
We strive to promote customer satisfaction activities across the Group, particularly at dealerships, so that customers continue to choose our brand for “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” with the aim of achieving Prominence 2020, the new Mid-Term Management Vision.

Established “SUBARU Recall Inquiry Line”

Subaru established the “SUBARU Recall Inquiry Line” in November 2016 independent of the traditional toll-free number to specifically handle recall inquiries, including the airbag recall problem. We respond to our customers under a simple code of conduct: “accurate, prompt, appropriate, equitable, fair, and courteous” aiming to provide “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind. Also, the valuable comments, requests and guidance received from customers are passed on to the relevant departments to be reflected in making future improvements in quality and product and after-sales services.

SUBARU Recall Inquiry Line

Note that your call will be recorded to confirm the contact

We are open to the following inquiries.

  • Inquiry/question regarding recalls
Office Hours (Japan Time)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Weekdays/Weekends, Holidays)

The Number of Inquiries from Customers

Monthly Average: 2,200 (December 2016-March 2017)

Establishment of SUBARU Customer Center

To receive enquiries, conduct consultations and handle requests and comments from our customers, we have established the SUBARU Customer Center. We respond to our customers under a simple code of conduct: “accurate, prompt, appropriate, equitable, fair, and courteous” aiming to provide “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” The valuable comments and requests received from customers are passed on to the relevant departments so that suggestions can be reflected in making future improvements and in product planning, quality, sales, and after-sales services.


Note that your call will be recorded to confirm the contact

Please contact SUBARU Customer Center if you have a any inquiries as below.

  1. Opinions/Comments/Guidance (catalog, dealership, changing address, etc.)
  2. Inquiries/Request for assistance
Office Hours (Japan Time)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Weekdays)
9:00am - 12:00am / 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays)

Information service only for Opinions/Comments/Guidance is available on weekdays 12:00am - 1:00pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Trends in the Number of Inquiries from Customers

Breakdown of Number of Requests for Assistance from Customers

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to be the brand that is chosen by customers by offering “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” we conduct the SUBARU Customer Questionnaire directed at customers who bought a vehicle at one of our dealers. We take the comments and requests of customers that we learn from the results of the survey seriously, and continuously make improvements at each of our dealers.

In FY2017, we achieved a certain level of appreciation with the positive opinions accounting for 94.7% of responses on the “Overall satisfaction” item for comprehensive evaluation of dealers used with a breakdown of 35.8% for “Extremely satisfied,” 45.4% for “Satisfied,” and 13.5% for “Somewhat satisfied.” On the other hand, there were still some responses that did not amount to satisfaction with 4.0% for “Somewhat dissatisfied” and 1.3% for “Dissatisfied.” The Subaru Automotive Business as a whole is working on improvements activities.

Examples of main improvements based on customer opinions and requests


  • Information displays on use of in-store equipment
  • Enhancement of kids’ areas (installation of counter to keep watch on children, increased variety of toys, ensuring safety)
  • Set up of free drinks, expansion of drinks menu
  • Increased variety of magazines
  • Increased amenity goods in bathrooms, etc.

Automotive Business

  • Development of Wi-Fi environment infrastructure and introduction of SUBARU Wi-Fi at all Subaru dealerships
  • Creation of Subaru promotion videos that customers can see at all dealerships
  • Introduction of digital books and SUBARU original amenity goods at some dealerships to make waiting-time more enjoyable.

Number of valid response to the SUBARU Questionnaire

FY 2017: 98,127 responses/year
FY 2016: 95,324 responses/year
FY 2015: 84,090 responses/year

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Activities Focusing on Dealers

In addition to our usual activities in which we provide feedback on customer opinions and requests obtained from past SUBARU Questionnaires to SUBARU dealers and related divisions paving the way to enhancements in products, quality, sales and after-sales service, we are prioritizing activities that include making customers comfortable in showrooms. To promote these activities, we provide support such as human resource development and deployment of best practices from other dealerships. We also actively promote the refurbishment of showrooms and service garages. In this way, we are promoting increased customer satisfaction from both aspects of facilities and management so that we can expand customer satisfaction activities suited to the SUBARU's product characteristics.

Training Human Resources at Dealerships to Deliver “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind”

With the vision of “Having Customers Say ‘Let’s Choose SUBARU Again’ through Our Customer Service”, SUBARU Academy is dedicated to training human resources that can provide “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to the customers.

For trainings in Japan, we develop and provide trainings that meet the fast environmental change in sales and services.
For overseas service staff, we provide curriculums that meet specific regional needs.

Number of Trainees Enrolled in Education Programs (Trainings away from the Academy included)
Manager, sales staff and other 3,652 people
Service staff 1,424 people
Total 5,076 people

SUBARU Academy:
We have established the SUBARU Academy as a dedicated organization in the development of human resources for dealerships in and out of Japan.
The SUBARU Training Center, opened in 2005 in Hachioji City, Tokyo, houses various training rooms, a test course, various servicing/training equipment as well as accommodation facilities (consisting of 133 rooms with a maximum capacity of 165 people).

SUBARU Training Center

STARS Sales Professional Certification Program

We established the Subaru Staff Training and Rating System (STARS) sales professional certification program as recognition of staff with the ability to provide and support customers with “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.”

We run tests covering areas such as knowledge, techniques, and customer service skills based on performance such as sales to determine the level of a salesperson’s certification. (As of March 2017: Sales STARS Level 1 – 40 salespeople, Level 2 – 549 salespeople, Level 3 – 1,237 people)

We run tests covering areas such as knowledge of service operations, customer service skills, and technical capabilities to determine the level of a service staff certification. (As of April 2017: Service STARS Mechanic Level S – 14 mechanics, Level 1 – 857 mechanics, Level 2 – 1,101 mechanics, Level 3 – 1,050 mechanics, Level 4 – 306 mechanics/Front Counter Service Advisor Level S – 7 people, Level 1 – 250 people, Level 2 – 546 people)

Our goal is for 5% of all salespeople to achieve Level 1, 15% to achieve Level 2, and 60% to achieve Level 3 by 2020. We are promoting initiatives so that at least 60% of all service advisors will achieve Level 1 or Level 2 by 2018.

STARS: Rating system to help salespersons develop themselves through repeated Off-JT (study), OJT (practice) and qualification tests (challenge).

Training provided under the STARS program

International CS Initiatives

With the goal of distributors achieving uniformly high after-sales service through dealers around the world so that SUBARU customers can drive with peace of mind, the Customer Service Division works to enhance their educational systems and overall structures.

We are building a corporate structure that can deliver customers service that meets their needs while ensuring that our importers and dealers worldwide offer service worthy of SUBARU’s “Confidence in Motion.”

Technical Training

Improving the technical skills of our service staff is essential to delivering service that gives our customers peace of mind.

To this end, we offer the Advanced Technical Training (ATT) and STEP Trainer Training (STT) as technical training curriculums for the development of the trainers who provide training to our service staff worldwide and to train service staff to be able to handle increasingly sophisticated automobile technology. In addition, we work to improve technical capabilities by using skill certification testing to provide motivation for training.

Starting in FY2017, we plan to increase the technical training that our employees run at overseas dealerships in addition to utilizing affiliated colleges in five countries around the world.Moreover, we assigned external trainers certified by us to countries with annual sales of at least 1,000 cars with the aim of further enhancing service.

Service Advisor Education Program material (extract)
ATT at the SUBARU Academy

Organizational Reinforcement

The Customer Service Division works in partnership with distributors outside Japan to improve their technical and customer service skills so that customers continue to choose SUBARU.

In addition to holding twice-yearly (June and November) conferences in Japan that bring together overseas distributors from eight leading countries, we seek close communication through regional meetings for North America, Europe, Central and South America, Oceania, China, Southeast Asia and so on with the aim of speeding up the resolution of any issues.In FY2016, we held 21 regional meetings.

We also provided repair tools for advanced technology and easier-to-use repair manuals in FY2016 to enable service advisors to readily handle the latest technology. Starting in FY2017, we will continue to expand technical support for staff to master the use of these tools and manual.

Meeting bringing together overseas distributors from eight leading countries

Efforts at the Aerospace Company

The Aerospace Company, regarding aircrafts delivered to Japan’s Self Defense Force among other customers, conducts various questionnaires in addition to regular customer visits to ascertain customers’ needs in detail and respond appropriately and to raise customer satisfaction through maintenance and operation.

Our maintenance personnel involved in production also hold workplace visits and networking events, which assist them deepen and improve mutual understanding of operations with customers who actually engage in maintenance.

Efforts at the Industrial Products Division

Based on the feedback from customers, we carry out information analysis and improvement activities in order to raise customer satisfaction.